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If you have an AutoZone nearby, they will clear it for free.

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Q: Washed engine andfailsafe light came on How can you clear without going to dealer?
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Your Subaru impreza wrx 1995 engine light came on after you washed the engine why?

why the engine light of my subaru came on after i washed the engine

Washed engine on 2003 Lincoln Navigator and now the engine light is on and missing bad. Lincoln dealer said 4 coil bad. Coil was replaced but still missing just not as bad.?

== ==

How much is a 2002 ford focus without an engine is worth?

About 15 cents a pound at the scrap dealer.

How much would it cost to fix an antique engine?

This is difficult to answer without knowing the make of the car or engine but an average engine would cost upwards of $300 but for an antique engine you may need to go to a specialized dealer.

2001 highlander whats wrong with my car if its burning oil?

Engine sludge is what the dealer told me Engine sludge is what the dealer told me

Your check engine light is on the manual says something about emission control you washed the enging at the car wash with enginetire cleaner with the engine running could this have caused it?

I washed my car at the car wash, then I washed the engine with engine/tire cleaner with the engine running, since then my check engine light has been on. Sometimes it blinks fast, goes off and then comes back on steadily. The engine sounds like sputter, misfire, rough sound from the tailpipe. The entire engine seems to be running fine, no shaking or bouncing, just running normal. What is the problem? Thanks for your help.

I washed the engine on a 1994 Jeep Cherokee. Now it wont start.?

you flooded it

On a Nissan Micra 2003 what does it mean when it says engine warning contact a Nissan dealer?

it means you have a fault with you engine, GO TO A NISSAN DEALER just like it says really

How do identify a ford truck engine?

eight digit of the vin is the engine then call the dealer they will tell you

Can a dealer sell a car with the check engine light on?


What year could you buy from a dealer a 409 engine crate motor?

I bought one in 1962 from a chevrolet dealer. Do not think you could purchase one in 1961 from a dealer.

What does a 1998 88 hp evinrude engine weigh?

according to the dealer this engine weighs 288 lbs

Why would a 1989 Chevy Blazer not start after being washed?

Did you wash the engine or just the outside?????????????????? If you washed the engine and it was hot when you washed it, you possibly got water in one of the electrical connections. Never ever wash an engine with sensors when it is hot. The water turns to steam and the steam gets in the connections . You can wash a cold engine bay just try not to direct high pressure into areas like the computer and sensors. If all you did is wash the outside.....I do not have a clue what to tell you. You may just need to wait until things dry out

Where can you find a motor for your car?

Dealer? Salvage Yard? Engine rebuilder?

WHere can you get HOAT engine coolant?

Dodge dealer, most parts stores.

How do you Set the timing on a 80inch harley evo engine?

Take it to the dealer

How do you unlock a Kia Sorento engine?

Take it to the KIA dealer, or a mechanic.

How do you set speed on 2005 sprinter?

If you are asking about maximum vehicle speed, that is set by the engine computer. A Sprinter dealer can set it with there scan tool.If you are asking about maximum vehicle speed, that is set by the engine computer. A Sprinter dealer can set it with there scan tool.

What in a automobile engine serves no purpose but without it the engine does not work?

Noise. Without noise, it can't work. Noise is in an engine, and without it does not work. Every engine has to make some kind of noise, internal or external, inside or outside the engine.

Why is a frontera engine light always on?

It is telling you that there is a fault with the engine - you need to take it to a dealer and get it diagnosed and repaired as soon as possible.

How do you scan engine codes on 2004 pt 2.2 diesel engine?

With a scan tool with the proper software, or take it to the dealer.

Can you use cheat engine without downloading it?

you can't use cheat engine without downloading.

Why is there water in spark plugs on 2003 Lincoln navigator?

Becuse someone washed the engine. Or the plug covers have bad seals and somehow when it rains water is splashing into the engine.

C230 key wont start engine?

Go to the dealer with you Vin# and they will reprogram it for you.

How do you decode a Honda engine number?

call a honda dealer give them the number