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I'll be waiting forever

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Q: Watashi wa matuteru itu made mo?
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What does mo in English?

In Japanese is means "also/as well". For example, "watashi mo" means "Me, too" or "Me, also/as well."

How do you write 'me too' in Japanese?

If your a girl it would be 私も (watashi mo) If your a boy its 僕も (boku mo)

How do you say i will be the president in Japanese?

watashi WA daitoryo ni mo naru

What does dare ni mo watashi takunai mean?

"i don'y want to give it to anyone"

How do you say me too tonia in Japanese?

Google translator tells me the phrase is 'Watashi mo tonia'

What meaning watashi mo onagii kimoshi kanjitte imasu?

"Even after returning to Japan I will think of you."

What does watashi no ai mean?

Watashi = meWatashi no = myai = loveWatashi no ai = My love.

What is the meaning of Ima watashi wa wakarimashita?

Watashi ga = I Ima made = until now Aishita = loved Dare = who Yori = more than Yori mo = even more than Kimi = you (casual, informal) o aishite = love Watashi ga imamade aishita dare yori mo kimi o aishite? = "More than anyone I've loved thus far, I love you."

How can you reply to anata ni aitai?

watashi/boku mo aitai = i also want to meet aitakkunai = i don't want to meet

Why do you dislike my older sister as well as my younger one?

anata WA watashi no ane to imoto mo kirai no ga naze desuka

What doesWatashi wa amarini mo anata ketsuyo mean?

I think it's meant to mean 'I miss you too', but it is very bad Japanese. To say 'I miss you too', one would say私もあなたに会いたいよ (watashi mo anata ni aitai yo) or私もあなたが欲しい (watashi mo anata ga hoshii).

What does itsu made mo mean?

Itsu = when? made = until mo = (put after a question like "when" or "where" to change it to "whenever" or "wherever" Itsu made mo = "until forever (or as long as is necessary)" eg. Itsu made mo aishiteru = I will love you forever. Itsu made mo anata ni sagashiteru = I will search for you forever