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If it's part of the AC system you're just getting a little condensate from the cooling coils. Often the defroster will also cause a little condensate to build up. It has to go somewhere and many auto manufacturers have a tube or other device for allowing the condensate to leak out. Not only is it normal, it's necessary to get rid of the condensate.

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Q: Water dripping from back box on a ford explorer 4ltr v6 car is running fine what could be the problem?
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Why is my 1993 Ford Explorer still running hot After I replaced radiator and thermosts?

How's the water pump?

You can see green fluid dripping from under your 1996 ford explorer?

Sounds like a coolant leak ( 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water ) There are many places it could be leaking from

Why is your 1999 ford explorer running hot?

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