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is it a gas or dsl engine, if its a dsl engine there might be a drain on the bottom of the fuel filter just open it till it does not run clear....water is going to settle to the bottom so it will drain first....then it will get darker when its all dsl fuel Try this at your own risk. But I was told buy alot of old timers that you can pour 1 (16oz.) bottle of common rubbing alcohol in your tank and the gas will mix with the alcohol and burn it eventually. Tried it and it worked on my 1994 Dodge Ram 1500 with a 5.2 (318) engine. Hope this helps...

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2006-08-28 20:49:40
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Q: Water in fuel light came on. What do I do?
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Ducato water in fuel?

If there is a significant amount of water in the fuel tank, then there will be a warning light.

Why does the water in Fuel light stay on after bleeding Fuel on a diesel?

water sensor has malfunctioned/or fuel has large quantity of water contamination.

How do you turn off the water in fuel light on a 2003 dodge ram 2500?

Change the fuel filter or drain the water out of the fuel filter.

How do you put off water fuel light on transit t350?

Change the fuel filter

Warning light telling you there is water in your fuel what should you do?

If you have a warning light telling you there is water in the fuel, you will need to park the car immediately. You will then need to drain all of the fuel from the car before putting more gas in.

Why does water in fuel light come on every 5 miles after you drain water fuel separator and no water in fuel?

The sensor in the fuel filter housing is bad. I had the same problem on my 2003 6.0L F-350. I had the Ford dealership change the sensor ($110.00) and I have not had the light come since.

02 ford f350 diesel manual?

Where is the water drain for the Water in Fuel light?

When the low fuel light comes on in a ford f-150 how many miles do you have left to drive?

In my 2007 Ford F150 truck I drove about 30 miles after the fuel light came on.

Ran out of gas and light never came on?

Either the light bulb in the dash is bad or the sending unit in the fuel tank has a problem.

How much fuel is left when the fuel light comes on in a 1998 seat ibiza?

fill up the tank and calculate the difference between the quantity you put in when the light came on and the capacity of the tank then you will know

Were is the fuel water seperator located on a 6.0 turbo diesel?

The fuel water separator is located on the frame rail with the fuel filter, you should drain the water and replace the Filter on the frame rail and the filter on top of the motor if your water in fuel sensor light comes on...

If you have a 1998 dodge cummins diesel 3500 truck will engine light come on if water is in fuel?

A 1998 Ram with the Cummins diesel has a water in fuel indicator on the dash that will illuminate if there is water in the fuel filter housing.

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