Waves Vibrations and Oscillations

Water waves are?

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Transverse in nature.

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How do sound waves differ from water waves?

they differ because waves are sound waves and water waves are waves in the water.

Are longitudinal waves water waves?

Water waves are circular transverse waves.

Is water waves a electromagnetic wave?

No, water waves are mechanical waves.

How are water waves different from electromagnetic waves?

electromagnetic waves can travel through vacuum while water waves travel in water.

What kind of waves are water waves?

Waves on the surface of the water are referred to as surface waves or circular waves. Waves in the depths of the oceans are referred to as longitudinal waves.

How are water waves and light waves different?

water waves travel through water and light waves travel through a vacuum (in space)

Are light waves and water waves examples of transverse waves?

Yes (but not sound in water)

Are water waves compressional waves?

Compressional waves are waves that produce compression and rarefaction when traveling through a medium. Water waves are not considered as compressional waves.

Are water waves electromagnetic waves?

No.They are mechanical waves.

How do peaks and valleys create water waves?

Peaks and valleys to not create water waves, they are characteristic elements of water waves.

What are characteristics of water waves make them transverse waves?

There are many forms of water waves. The characteristics of water waves that are transverse waves are that the particles of the wave move perpendicular to the direction the wave moves.

What are 3 catigories of waves?

water waves, light waves, and sound waves

What are examples of mechanical waves?

Water waves, sound waves.

What type of energy are water waves?

Water waves have mechanical energy.

Do water waves transport water?

water waves doesn't transport water it just transport energy

What are water waves?

Water waves are in fluid dynamics, wind waves or, more precisely, wind-generated waves are surface waves that occur on the free surface of oceans, seas.

Why do you have waves?

Because of the fish in the water.Waves in the water- windWaves in your hair- heredity- or a permWaves in passing- someone saying hello

What does contrast electromagnetic waves with water and sound waves mean?

It means explain how electromagnetic waves are different than water and sound waves.

Water waves are longitudial waves?

Waves formed on the surface of water are transverse in nature. But sound waves when propagated through water medium then that will be in longitudinal nature. Cannot be seen on the surface.

Are water waves mechanical waves?


What are facts about water waves?

They are magnetic waves.

Are their transverse waves in a pond or lake?

water waves are transverse waves

What are two examples of transvere waves?

Water waves and light waves.

In terms of source what is the difference and similarities of sound waves and water waves?

Sound waves and water waves are similar in that they are both caused by vibrations and carry energy. They are different in that a sound waves are three dimensional, while water waves are just two dimensional.

What kind of wave is a water wave?

Water waves are mechanical, transverse waves