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Wath is ecm fuse?


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Where is the ecm fuse on a 1994 chevy truck

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The ECM fuse is located inside the engine of the vehicle. Engine Control Module acts as the main fuse of the vehicle.

The Ecm fuse is located in the passenger side footwell...take off the small cover there and you will its fuse number 5

change alternater first, then ecm blowed

Dose 1998 Chevrolet Malibu 2.4 litter have a ECM fuse and where is it?"

An ecm fuse is the fuse that protects and powers the Electronic Control Module in your car. Simply put, it is the fuse for you cars computer that controls all or most of the electronic engine controls.

The ECM fuse is located inside the car. Open the little glove box, and pull out the liner. From there you can see the Fusebox. It is labelled ECM

yes, ecm fuse and or instr. cluster fuse

It is in the fuse box. It will be a red 10 amp fuse.

Under hood on drivers side fuse box

There is no individual fuse. The ECM has 2 or 3 fuses, and it controls the check engine light.There is no individual fuse. The ECM has 2 or 3 fuses, and it controls the check engine light.

Your ECM should be located on the passenger side of the car. remove the glove box and it should be on the outide wall. I am not sure that there is an acual fuse for this. but that is where the ECM is located. i hope that this is helpful.

The fuel pump is shorting out and that is why the ecm fuse is blowing .Disconnect the the fuel pump and try it again,if the fuse blow's again then it is not the fuel pump.

There is an overcurrent/short in the circuit.

Well, that light isn't directly controlled by a fuse - it's controlled through the engine ECM. To pull a fuse for the sake of disabling that light, you'd have to pull the ECM relay.. the problem is, you'd disable the ECM, in turn, disabling the car.

No power to the ecm. Check the fuse marked ECM in the underhood fuse panel(located in the middle top of the firewall)

In the fuse holder , look at you owners manual.

find your fuse , probably in the passenger side glove compartment. thers a fuse marked ecm. i like to disconnect my negative battery terminal first. take out the ecm fuse. wait 20 minutes , then reconnect ecm fuse, and then the battery. let engine sit in park while running for 20 minutes ( very important). i have to let mine sit so its idle rpm done learns itself. i recommend it.

The fuse that works the cooling fan(s) depend on the make/model/year of the car. In general cooling fans are controlled by a fan relay & fuse or by the ecm, bcm,pcm (ecm/bcm/pcm are computers)

Look in your owner's manual under fuses in the index. The fuse that you are looking for is the ECM fuse.

It is in the fuse box on the driver's side, bottom of the dash.

There isn't a fuse.. it all goes through the engine ECM.

The ECM on a 1999 Honda Accord is located under the hood. It is in front of the fuse and relay box.

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