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Use a Video conversion software

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Q: Ways to convert movie files from one format to another?
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How do you get windows live movie maker to play mkv files?

You have to convert mkv files to a compatible format before you can use them in Windows Live Movie Maker. Mkv files are NOT compatible without first converting them.

How can you get Windows Movie Maker 2.6 to accept mkv and flv files?

Windows Movie Maker will not accept .mkv or .flv files. You have to convert the files to a format compatible with the program before you can import them. Windows Movie Maker is limited in the amount for formats it can import/use.

How do you convert Windows Movie Maker files to avi without saving it?

You cannot convert Windows Movie Maker (.MSWMM) files at all since they are in 'project' form. The only way to change a MSWMM to a standard format is through the Publishing/Finishing/Saving process.

How can you turn large movie files into small mp4 files so that are playable on a mobile phone?

Yes you can use total video converter software. I have converted a 700 mb avi movie into 60 mb 3gp format for mobile. You can also convert it to mp4 format.

How do you convert a movie maker project into standard viewing format?

Publish or Finish the Movie will convert the project file into Standard Viewing Format.

How do you convert a movie maker project into a movie file?

Publish or Finish the Movie will convert the project file into Standard Viewing Format.

How do you convert a Windows Movie Maker slide into any other format?

You cannot convert a Windows Movie Maker file into any other format. The only way to change the format is to Publish/Finish the project, which exports (mixes-down) audio/video properties into Standard viewing format. Once that is done, you can convert the file into whatever format you wish.

How do you fix unsupported format on ipod?

if you refer to movies, you can download ultra mpeg 4, with that software you can convert any movie to iphone/ipod touch compatible mp4 files

How do you change a Windows Movie Maker file format?

You cannot change a Windows Movie Maker project file (MSWMM) to any other format.Until you Publish/Finish your Windows Movie Maker project, it remains in project format with a MSWMM file name extension. MSWMM files can only be viewed/edited in the Windows Movie Maker program.If you want your video in another format, you must first Publish/Finish it. This process mixes-down/exports the audio and video properties, converting them into a Standardviewing format. If publishing/finishing is successful, you can then convert the file to whatever format you want.

How much storage space would you need for a 4 hour movie?

It does not depend on how long the movie is. It just depends upon in which format it is. Ex. A movie of 4 hour in .dat format would require almost 1800 MB space while same movie in .3gp format will require 200 MB. You can use different converters if you want to convert movies from one format into another.

How to convert windows media audio format for audio to movie?

Use Windows Movie Maker

How do you put movies from windows movie maker to an ipod?

You can use iTunes to put movies from Windows Movie Maker onto your iPod. I believe Movie Maker files are compatible with Movie Maker, but if you find they are not for some reason, convert them to QT or .mp4 format beforehand.

Can you use the sanyo VPC-HD100 with video editing software?

if you plan on using windows movie maker software to edit your vpc-hd100 videos, I suggest downloading a free software called QUICKMEDIACONVERTER. you can change one format to another so that it works with your favorite editing software. Since The VPC camcorder records in quicktime format, you can convert the files to wmv files that work fine with movie maker, and most popular editing softwares that are available with most PC's.

What are AVI and MOV files?

AVI and MOV files are video files. AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave. MOV is an apple format of a movie file.

How do you put unregistered hypercam files into windows movie maker?

As long as the Hypercam files are in the correct format for Windows Movie Maker, they can be imported into the program. If the files are not compatible, they will need to be converted before importation.

How do you get a movie on a DVD into I movie?

now a days most of the DVD players support all format of video files such as Avi, mpeg,mp4, The original DVD video format Is dob, so add dob files and write to DVD

How do you put a vlc file on windows movie maker?

convert it into .DAT format

How can you burn AVI movie files in a DVD to watch in your DVD player?

Use a Video to DVD Burner to convert and burn movie files to DVDs.

How do they convert a old letterbox format movie into a new widescreen format?

The wide-screen is a letterbox format. There are many different aspect ratios used today.

Why don't 3gp files and MOV files work on Windows Movie Maker?

It does not have the codes to edit the file . Google vcdhelp .You need a program to convert these files into wma to be edited in movie maker

What is another name for widescreen movie format?


How do you make a file supported so you can import it to windows movie maker?

You have to convert the file to a compatible format before you can import it into the program. Online, Google and download a free video/audio converter. Use the converter to convert your files to one of the file name extensions (formats) used by Windows Movie Maker.

How do you import video files into Windows Movie Maker?

just below the bar that says File, Edit, View(ect) theres a bar that the first button should be "Import files" If your file are not avi, wmv, mp4, asf format, you can use Video Download Studio. It can help you convert your favorite video to any format.

Does Windows Movie Maker record in WAV format?

No. Windows Movie Maker records in .wma (Windows Media Audio) format. However, you can import and edit .wav files in the program.

How do you convert windows live movie maker to windows media video?

You have to Publish the file in order to convert it to a standard viewing format.