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Q: Website to download the 711 Edition of Raw but not LimeWire or others like that?
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What website can you download free music to iPod?

There are quite a few. One is LimeWire. I know, I'd be a little hesitant too, but I don't really know any others.

How to unblock firewall in LimeWire?

you DON'T ! NEVER unlock your firewall,SPECIALLY that spyrot,limewire and kazaa and others like it. ----hey if youre going to download music but limewire is getting blocked by a firewall, LISTEN TO ME. download FrostWire. It's by the same people but its SOOOO much faster and it has better router configuration, i have never been blocked with frostwire but limewire ALWAYS messed me up.

Does LimeWire give others complete access to your computer?

This is a common misconception. LimeWire does not allow a user to control your computer or access anything you tell it not to. The problem is that many people keep personal documents in the same folder as the download directory for LimeWire. This means that whenever you are sharing music files on your computer, you may inadvertently share personal information. LimeWire is also a common venue for people to download viruses and other forms of malware. However, this is due to carelessness, and has nothing to do with the way LimeWire actually works.

Are there others like LimeWire?

Theres FrostWire

Where can you downlaod music from besides LimeWire?

Limewire is a peer to peer network or p2p for short. There are hundreds of others out there like limewire. If you google for awhile you will find lots of others. One or two that spring to mind are emule, phex and frostwire.

Is LimeWire the only way you can download songs from the internet?

Limewire is but an example of a P2P (peer to peer) dowloading program. There are many others out there. You can also download music straight from websites so you don't even need an additional program for it, though they are generally better. For the experienced pirate, you also have bittorrent, though I would suggest you stick to limewire. It is one of the better P2P programs out there. You know it's illegal, right?

Where can you download Ares?

Download AresDownload the official Ares for free at and click the download botton :D most downloading programs have a free version and a plus version (the "not free" version) including LimeWire and others. Hope it helps!

What other websites are like frostwire?

There are many sites like Frostwire, Limewire for one, but they all do the same thing which is download torrents. But Frostwire is one of those that is free, unlike others.

Does LimeWire have really new songs?

Limewire does not have any songs. Limewire is software (See links below) that connects your computer to other peoples computers (and they are connected to yours) so that files can be shared between computers. The only music available using Limewire is that which has come from other people. If they are not authorised to distribute the music then you and they are acting illegally and are liable to prosecution if caught with copies of the music. As you do not know who or where you are connecting with there is a high chance of your computer becoming infected with a virus when connecting to such a network. Limewire's licence agreement states: It is unlawful to use the Program to infringe the intellectual property rights of others, or to share, distribute or download others' protected, proprietary and/or confidential information without authorization, or to share, distribute or download unlawful pornographic materials (collectively "Illegal Materials"). By using the Program you agree and represent that you will not use the Program to share, distribute or download Illegal Materials.

Do you have to share your files when using LimeWire?

No, you can select not to share your files with other users. Go to your library, right click on the files you don't want to share, and select "Stop Sharing File." But if everyone in limewire wont share files, gnutella community dies, and limewire would be useless, as there will be NO files to download because nobody shares. Think about this: you want to download, so means you expected others to share, yet you refused to share yourself. So selfish!

If downloading music from LimeWire was illegal why is it on the web?

First, LimeWire is not illegal to download. It`s just p2p program.Second, all of the songs are not stored in a main host, its shared between the users. If you are downloading song, you are not downloading from the limewire server, you are doing it from users that accepted to share that song.For that, the LimeWire software is legal but it is illegal for the individuals to share copyrighted material such as music, videos and software. LimeWire should only be used for sharing the material that you have created yourself as stated in the LimeWire user agreement....The Program, like all peer-to-peer ("P2P") programs, is capable of being used to share materials that the copyright owner has not authorized be shared. It is unlawful to use the Program to infringe the intellectual property rights of others, or to share, distribute or download others' protected, proprietary and/or confidential information without authorization

How do you download free anti-virus?

I have a free AVG Anti-virus , and i downloaded it from the website of AVG : You know and we all know that not all anti-viruses has free edition , and it is not easy to download a new anti-virus free or not , you have to get an anti virus that you are sure it will work better than others , or it will work good ! go to the website and click on download free program. search free antivirus programs to find one you like. avira free is good.

Where can you download the Audio books of all The Saga of Darren Shan i have LimeWire but i don't trust it and Ive tried others but haven't had much success so please answer help me?

You can try You have to pay a monthly fee to download the books, but you'd be able to purchase them legally there.

Where can you download rugrats episodes free?

You Can Download the Pilot Episode & The Rest of the 10 Seasons on my Website, with lots others

How can you download music from your computer to your ipod touch?

there are lots of way of downloading music to your ipod using itunes and others. But for me, i download some musics in a website called

Why does your website take so long to download when others don't?

Try joining so you're not looking at guest pages

Talktalk broadband download speeds?

You should go to their website an see what packages TalkTalk offers for broadband download speeds. If it was me, I'd also look on the web for reviews of the service to see if others are actually getting the download speeds they purchased.

Should you use LimeWire to download music?

Limewire itself is a piece of software that allows people to share things they have created with their friends and relations. Problems arise because people share music, videos or computer software that they have no legal right to share. Handling any such illegally shared content can leave you liable to prosecution. Using software so distributed leaves your computer susceptible to viruses and malware as you will not know just what has been installed on your computer along with the software. As Limewire put it in their own licensing agreement (See links below)... It is unlawful to use the Program to infringe the intellectual property rights of others, or to share, distribute or download others' protected, proprietary and/or confidential information without authorization, or to share, distribute or download unlawful pornographic materials (collectively "Illegal Materials"). There are many sources of free music, many artists give away free sample mp3s of their music, which can be downloaded with or without Limewire.

Where can one download bar code inventory software?

There are a variety of options to download barcode inventory software. Some of the options are offered free of charge and others must be purchased. One can download free software from the CNET website or order it for a price from Softpedia.

Of the many computer games, what are some free pc games that I can download on the web?

You can download numerous games off of the internet for free. Pretty much every social website you go to now allows you to download games like chuzzle, tetris, backgammon, and several others.

Is dwonloading songs onto your ipod from limewier illegal?

Limewire does not provide songs. Limewire is software that lets you connect to other people's computers, and they can connect to your computer, to share files on your computers. If the song is a commercial song that someone owns the copyright to then it is illegal supply and receive the song without the permission of the copyright holder. The LimeWire legal License Agreement states: It is unlawful to use the Program to infringe the intellectual property rights of others, or to share, distribute or download others' protected, proprietary and/or confidential information without authorization You are stealing the songs by downloading them with LimeWire or any other software. As you do not know where the songs are coming from you are also leaving your computer open to potential virus infections and malware installations.

How do you download waka waka video?

Download ares or others and then download the song ( waka waka ) the video

Can you download sentence discs separately online?

Yes on the main WoW website there should be client download assuming you already have a battle net account you should log in and download it after downloading the base WoW games you can install the others The burning crusade and the wrath of the lich king....etc

Whats a computer virus?

A program that can harm your computer finacially and you can get them by websites like casino games and "others" also you can get them by downloading stuff to like I tried to download BandiCam and I got a funmood and an IncrediBar -_- Also you can prevent them by getting really good virus protection programs McAfee- Not very good but its good for blocking malicious websites in the parental controls Advanced Care System6- This one is the best in my opinion you can get it off of in the freeware in the right hand column it will improve your internet speed too Superantispyware- Its really good, especially the pro edition, the free edition is pretty good, if you go to it will have a free trial for the pro edition if you decide to download it and the trial expires you can go back to the website and download the free edition or just pay for it. Sorry its long btw xD

Where can you ban websites at?

That would make no sense you can put anything on the net I dont really get your question but you can download norton internet security and there is a website block just for your computer. But no you cant go to a website and ban others. Hope that Helps

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