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A wedding ring inscription usually has the name and date of marriage or a sentimental message from the spouse. A popular wedding ring inscription is the name of a song that a couple chooses as their special song.

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What is the best choice for a wedding ring?

use your best judgement, but if you ask me the wedding ring should be in the same style as the engagement ring. If the engagement ring has a plain band with a stone on it of even just an inscription on it then the wedding band should follow suit. if it has a band with little crystals, diamond of CZ then get a wedding band with the same thing. or better yet ask your future wife what she would prefer.

Is the inscription on the Lord of the Rings' ring on the inside?

The inscription is visible from both the interior and exterior of 'The One Ring" .

Do you get to keep your engagement ring?

== Answer == see she is taking peoples engagement rings for an art installation in NYC in December - Some people put it away after they are married, some decide to use it again for a wedding ring, some take it to a jeweler to have it altered into a wedding ring (another gem, an inscription...) and some, like myself, just have the engagement ring on one hand and the wedding ring on the other! I enjoy them both and although the wedding ring is the symbol of the legal bond between us, the engagement ring is still a symbol of the love between us.

Do guys get both a wedding ring and engagement ring?

No, only the fiance (woman) gets an engagement ring and a wedding ring and the groom gets just the wedding ring.

What ring is considered the Irish wedding ring?

In Ireland a wedding ring is a plain band ring, normally gold or silver. There is a ring called a Claddagh Ring, but that is not a wedding ring, as it is worn by people who are not married.

How do you wear wedding and engagement ring?

Usually, the wedding ring is worn on the inside, closer to your heart. The engagement ring sits on top of your wedding ring.

Did Nick Jonas give Miley Cyrus a wedding ring?

A ring.. but NOT a wedding ring

What is a good wedding ring set website?

The Wedding Ring Shop

Which ring goes on the inside of your ring finger the engagement or wedding ring?

Wedding ring first, engagement ring next, eternity ring last.

What defines a wedding ring or dress ring?

A ring worn by a married person, given by the spouse at their wedding

What order on finger - wedding ring and engagement ring?

Wedding Ring..You keep it closer to your heart.

Why does Selena Gomez have a wedding ring on?

Deary, Its A Ring. No Wedding So Far.

Why does a woman wear a wedding ring on her right index finger?

Actually from what i herd Women wear there wedding ring on their left ring finger. <><><> What you may have seen is not a wedding ring, but a ring worn by Jewish women indicating that they are engaged to be married. Like a wedding ring, it is a solid ring of precious metal.

Do you give both wedding band and engagement ring at proposal?

No, You only give an engagement ring when you propose. You give a wedding ring at your wedding ceremony.

Where can one purchase a Titanium wedding ring?

One can purchase a titanium wedding ring in wedding ring sellers such as Tiffany's. In addition, one can find and purchase a titanium wedding ring in online stores such as Amazon or eBay.

What does the inscription on nicks ring say?

It says (I love miley )

Where to wear the engagement ring and wedding ring in accordance with Indian customs?

The wedding ring is worn on the "ring" toe(like the "ring" finger). During the wedding ceremony, garlands of flowers are placed around the necks of the newlyweds in lieu of ring.

Why does a priest wear a wedding ring?

If he is an Episcopal priest, he may be married - many are. If he is a Catholic priest, he is not wearing a wedding ring. He may have a ring on the third finger of his left hand, but it is not a "wedding" ring.

On what hand do you wear a wedding ring?

In the UK the wedding ring is worn on the left hand.

Can an engagement ring be used for the wedding?

In short, yes, the engagement ring can be used for the wedding.

Why wear a wedding ring?

Q.why were a wedding ring? A.Because it shows your love with your mate

What is the meaning of finding a ring in your wedding cake?

getting the slice of wedding cake with the ring in it

Does the girl wear the engagement ring with the wedding ring?

yes,usually women wear the engagement ring with the wedding ring on her left hand's ring finger together.

Where does the wedding ring go on which finger?

your wedding ring must be at your left hand's ring finger... cause the ring must be close to your heart

Do you wear the engagement ring on your wedding day?

Many brides wear their engagement ring on their wedding day. So, it's totally up to you but consider that it may be a bit difficult to exchange it with your wedding ring. As you know, the wedding ring is supposed to go onto the left hand ring finger first (where you wear your engagement ring), which means that you should have to remove your engagement ring while the groom slips on the wedding ring, and then put your engagement ring back on. You can move your engagement ring to your right hand just before the wedding takes place, leaving your left ring finger bare. After the ceremony is complete, you can put your engagement ring back to your left hand on top of your wedding ring.

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