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FDR was one of the most popular presidents in US history. Unlike President Hoover before him, Roosevelt was not seen as a cold, wealthy Aristocrat who couldn't understand the plight of the average American. He was an activist President who promised the American people a "New Deal" that would change the system for decades. While it's arguable whether his social programs did anything to bring the U.S. out of the depression, they offered enough relief and comfort to the population to boost its overall morale and get him elected President 4 times. His compassion was most notable with his weekly radio "fireside chats", where his fatherly voice and comforting tone would assure the people with news of new work programs, health care benefits, social security and most of all... compassion. As for the war, America was torn over whether they wanted to follow the President's wish to join the British in their fight against Nazi Germany. Charles Lindberg, the aviation hero, briefly considered a run against the President in 1940 on a pro-German, anti-war, anti-British platform. But after making several anti-jewish speeches, the Republican party shunned Lindberg and nominated Wendell Willkie who lost against Roosevelt in the election. After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941, American's no longer questioned Roosevelt's push to join the war. The war had come to America.

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Q: Were Americans behind Franklin D. Roosevelt or against him and how did the Republicans regard him?
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Who ran for president against Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1944?

It was Thomas E. Dewey and he lost against Roosevelt.

Who ran for presidency against Wilson Woodrow?

Woodrow Wilson ran against Roosevelt and Taft who were republicans

Who ran against franklin d roosevelt in 1933?

Herbert Hoover ran against Franklin D. Roosevelt in the presidential election that took place in November of 1932. Hoover was the incumbent President and Roosevelt was the Governor of New York. Roosevelt, the Democratic candidate, won the election.

Who did Franklin Delano Roosevelt run against in 1936?

Alf Landon

What did supporters of the Republican Party have in common?

The early Republicans were against the spread of slavery into the western terriotories. The party was formed on March 20,1854. The party dominated the Presidency until Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected in 1933.

Who did Franklin D. Roosevelt run against?

Kelsey Cox! :D

Who was herbert hoover running against in 1932?

Hoover ran against Franklin Roosevelt in 1932 and lost badly.

Who did Franklin Delano Roosevelt run against in his second term?

Alfred M. Landon

Who was a presidental candidate in 1944?

FDR (Franklin Roosevelt) ran and won against Thomas Dewey.

What did Franklin Roosevelt do in 1941?

Roosevelt was always doing things, but the most dramatic thing that happened in 1941 was in December when Roosevelt asked Congress for a Declaration of War against Japan.

Why was Theodore Roosevelt not elected?

Although Theodore Roosevelt was very popular, he was running against his own party, the Republicans (or Grand Old Party). Republicans were split in their allegiance to the Party and to Roosevelt, the former Republican President. This division split the GOP's votes and Democrat Woodrow Wilson gained the plurality and was elected president.

How many votes did Franklin Delano Roosevelt receive when he ran against Herbert Hoover?


Which president signed the declaration of war against the japanese in world war 2?

Franklin D. Roosevelt .

What date saw FDR sign the US declaration of war against japan?

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Who ran against Roosevelt for president?

Alton Parker ran against Teddy Roosevelt in 1904. In 1912, when he formed his own party, he ran against both Taft and Wilson. Franklin Roosevelt ran against Hoover ( 1932), Alf Landon(1936), Wendell Wilkie (1940) and Thomas Dewey (1944).

Who ran against rosevel?

In the election of 1932, Herbert Hoover ran against Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Roosevelt won the presidency by a landslide, because Hoover was unpopular because of his response to the Great Depression.

What were northern Republicans in congree enraged by the black codes and the reports of violence against African Americans?

They were enraged by the southern defiance and resistance against Reconstruction

Why did Zangara try to assassinate Franklin Delano Roosevelt?

he was against the secular progressive movement of the early 20th century

In the 1944's presidential election who did Franklin d roosevelt run against?

Thomas E. Dewey

Which president threatened to pack the Supreme Court after it ruled against some of his policies?

President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Southern republicans worked to prevent injustice but there was little they could do to?

Prevent acts of violence against former slaves.

Who was Herbert Hoover opponent ran for president?

Hoover ran against Al Smith in 1928 and won . He ran against Franklin Roosevelt in 1932 and lost.

Who did Franklin D. Roosevelt run against in his fourth term?

New York governor Thomas E. Dewey.

Why did Franklin Roosevelt get polio?

The was no vaccine against polio when he got it. It is a contagious disease- apparently he came into contact with a carrier of the disease.

How was Franklin Roosevelt part of World War I an World War 2?

Franklin Roosevelt wasn't part of world war 1. he became part of world war 2 when japan attacked the nation. he then signed a declaration of war against japan.