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From what I have come to know, every phrase used IS straight out of the Satanic Bible. Others say this is only true if the song is played backwords.

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What is the name of the Satanic Bible?

'The Satanic Bible' by Anton LaVey.

When was The Satanic Bible created?

The Satanic Bible was created in 1969.

How many pages does The Satanic Bible have?

The Satanic Bible has 272 pages.

Is the devils Bible real?

The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey is real.

What happens if you burn the satanic bible?

It turns into ashes.

Where can you get a satanic Bible?

At and lots of other bookstores.

Can you read the first chapter of the satanic Bible?


Who publishes the satanic Bible?

Harper Collins Publishers

What holy book does satanism follow?

the satanic bible

What is the language used in spells on the satanic bible?


Is max green a satanic?

i believe so becuase in an interview he had an upside down cross which is satanic and they said he was holding a satanic bible so i guess so

What are some quotes from Simon the Zealot in the Bible?

There are no quotes in the Bible from Simon Zelotes, as far as I can see.

What are some Satanic Rituals?

Best way to answer that is for you o pick up the satanic rituals book.....any book store that carries the bible will carry the rituals book. It was written by Anton is also refered to the second book of the satanic bible.

What are the names of books or bibles for satanism?

Books by Anton LaVey, Blanche Barton, and Peter H. Gilmore. Anton LaVey: The Satanic Bible The Satanic Rituals: Companion to The Satanic Bible The Satanic Witch Satan Speaks The Devil's Notebook Blanche Barton: The Church of Satan The Secret Life of a Satanist: Biography of Anton LaVey Peter H. Gilmore: The Satanic Scriptures

Who wrote the very first satanic Bible?

Anton LaVey

Who published the satanic bible by Anton LaVey?

HarperCollins PublisherInc.

Where can you find a satanic bible?

Online websites and Barnes and Noble.

What verse is the 5770 verse in the Bible?

What is satanic linguistics

What does 7th heaven mean from the bible?

There is no "seventh heaven" in the bible. Paul speaks about the "third heaven" in 2 Corinth

Who is the author of The Satanic Bible?

The author of The Satanic Bible is a man called Anton LaVey. The book contains the principles of what LaVey calls LaVeyan Satanism and is considered to be an authoritative text on the subject rather than a sacred scripture like the Bible.

How old do you have to be to buy a satanic Bible?

In the U.S., due to our principles on freedom of speech and information, there are no restrictions on buying a satanic bible (with possible exception of obscure local and state laws.) Actually, the satanic bible is not particularly interesting. It has no special powers, and laws restricting its sale would only draw more attention to a mediocre product.

Is the satanic Bible from constatine real?

yes. i can get it for u for 100000 dollars.

Lucifers daughters name Spelled in the satanic bible?

Elub Yvi

What does reciprocated mean in the satanic bible?

To give something in return for something.

Where can you get a satanic Bible for free?

I am sure you can find it through a Google search and a torrent website, however, I recommend you purchase the Satanic Bible through Amazon (or any other e-store); it is very inexpensive.