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No. At least 60 Danish Jews perished in camps.


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Most Danish Jews tried to escape from Stocholme, and then tried to sail to Sweden

Most of the Danish Jewish refugees fled to Sweden.

Denmarks was the Nazi-occupied country that suffered the LEAST Jews killed, as most of the Danish Jews were shipped to Sweden just in time. The figure usually given is 116 Danish Jews killed by the Nazis.

Ellen and her family, like many other Danish Jews, went to Sweden by boat.

Danish Jews were able to ride in ambulances and fishermen would take them.

This would depend on what kind of Jew you were. For resources see below links.Danish JewsIf you were a Danish Jew, there would be a strong chance (99% of Danish Jews survived the Holocaust, thanks to the Danish Resistance Movement) you would survive to Sweden. Danish Jews also did not have to wear the Star of David. They had it pretty good.Polish JewsOn September 1, 1939 roughly 3,474,000 Jews called Poland home. If you were a Polish Jew, there would be a strong chance you would be taken to Auschwitz or other concentration camp. 90.9% (according to the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust) of Polish Jews died.

During the Holocaust only 51/82000 Danish Jews were killed. Most Jews with the help of Neutral Sweden and the Danish Government were able to emmigrate to Sweden since it was neutral during the Holocaust. That was a total of 99.6 per cent of Jews from Denmark were saved from the Nazi Genocide known as the Holocaust.

a lot of Jews were sailed to Sweden in the night by fishermen a.o.

Staying out of the war, thus being able to rescue Jews from Denmark when they were attacked, most of the danish Jews escaped to Sweden. And supplying the norwegian resistance with arms and training.

Not excactly an expert. But they did quiet a few things fx: -Blowing up the German train track and stopped the transportation to the KZ- camps. -Sailed the Jews from Gilleleje to Sweden. As I said I am not an expert but these are few of the things they did ^^

Sweden created a handkerchief that the Danish Jews used for wearing off the dogs sense of smell. You have to read the book "Number the stars". It tells you all about it. The handkerchief is for fishermen only because they need it to ward off the dogs so that they don;t know that they have people on board to sail to Sweden.

No, the Danish Jews escaped by boats to Sweden and stayed there during the rest of the war (apart from a small minority going back to Denmark to join the resistance). I assume you don't refer to the few days - maximum weeks - that Jews would have to be in hiding (from the disclosure of the deportation plans) until they could get on a boat to Sweden - in that waiting period they would of course be hidding by Danes.

In Denmark there was a specific harbor you could see the coastline of Sweden. It was a fishing dock. The fishermen could smuggle the Jews out of Denmark and into Sweden in a matter of hours.AnswerThe distance between Copenhagen and Malmo in southern Sweden is not very great.

Denmark was really the only country that helped its Jews during WWII. 99% of Danish Jews survived the Holocaust. Sweden and Switzerland, neutral countries, took in Jews during the war.

Denmark's geographical location and features played a major role in the success of smuggling Danish Jews to Sweden. This is because between German occupied Denmark and neutral free Sweden there was only a straight of water about 10 miles wide. It was easily crossed in small boats at night often undetected by the German soldiers.

Out of 8000 jews, more than 7000 were smuggled to Sweden. About 450 were sent to concentration camps, and none were sent to extermination camps. All in all 102 Danish Jews died during the Holocaust

Sweden did to help the Jews is that the Sweden risk their lives.also they let the Jews take them to another country.

Because the Jews were drunk and Sweden was horny.

More than 7.500; the only ones who didn't go was those who were too old or ill to go.

Sweden took jews in because the Demark jews was sent to neutral demark 95% of Demark jews escaped into neutral sweden

It didn't. Almost all of them fled to Sweden, which was a neutral country at the time. However the succesful rescue of the Danish jews were due to the cooperation of the Danish government with Nazi Germany. In Denmark the cooperation policy is a matter of heavy debate. On one hand we saved the jews but if all occupied nations had been as cooperative, Germany might have won the war.

Ellen Rosen survived the war by going to Sweden, like many other Danish Jews during WWII.

the danish resistance helped the Jewish people by helping them find food they might go fishing for them, in ww2 they helped them by helping them get to Sweden where the Germans had not yet taken over. a specific book called number the stars" shows the story of a little girl and her family helping the Jews escape from the Germans who were hunting them down and sending them to concentration camps where they would die of starvation or get killed with acid or gas in supposedly showers.

yes, at least they helped Danish Jews.

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