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Were any famous Canadians in the Korean War?

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famous Korean War

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Are there any primary soures for the Korean war?

Website: Korean War

Are there any famous Canadians from Ontario?

Jim Carrey

The Korean war began at what cities?

The Korean war stated at the North - South border, not in any city.

What position was Elvis Presley in the Korean war?

Elvis Presley was not in the Korean War, nor any other for that matter.

You are looking picutres of sabat montanez a soldier of the Korean war or any other info?

Check with the "American War Library" and the "Korean War" website.

Did any US Presidents fight in the Korean War?

No president fought in the Korean War. Jimmy Carter was in the navy while the war was going on but did not get close to Korea.

How any soldiers were deployed in the Korean War?

69 soldiers

Was Donald Trump in the Korean War?

Donal Trump has had no military service in any war. As his present age of 70 he would be about 5 years old at the time of the Korean War.

What does the VA define as a Korean War Veteran?

If a US serviceman served in Korea, or offshore on a US Navy vessel, or flew missions as a US airman in & during the Korean War...he's a Korean War vet. Any discharge paper will reflect those experiences.

What did women do in the Korean war?

What woman basicaly did in the Korean War as nurses and even doctors,hope this helped,dont leave any nasty comments please Im only 12.

Are there any famous people from Kamloops?

There are some famous athletes from Kamloops such as hockey stars Mark Recci who played for the Montreal Canadians, Philadelphia Flyers and Pitsburg Penguins.

Did the Korean war have any bad things happen?

yes, many soliers died

Did Korea reunited after the Korean war?

No, as can be seen from looking at any map or watching the news.

What role did the atomic bomb play in the Korean war?

No atomic bombs were used in the Korean War and there were never any plans to use them. Possibly the existence of atomic weapons had some small effect.

Did any wars go on while Georgia O'Keeffe was alive?

For instance World War 1, World War 2 , Korean War, ...

How many Canadians are in the Iraq war?

Canada does not have any soldiers in Iraq in any official capacity. However it does have a significant number of soldiers in Afghanistan.

Was a treaty signed during the Korean war?

they say the Korean war never ended and is still going on today, they also say that's there was no treaty signed during the Korean war, only an armistice, ceasefire, or a truce. but Korea never signed a peace treaty or any kind of treaty.

What was NATO's role in the Korean War?

Nato did not exist during the Korean conflict. Actually, NATO (The North Atlantic Treaty Organization) came into being on April 4, 1949, so it did exist during the Korean War. NATO was an organization designed to provide mutual assistance in case of war in the areas around the North Atlantic (North America and Europe), so it didn't play any part in the Korean War. Some of the NATO members did participate in the Korean War, just not under the auspices of NATO.

Do the Canadians follow any religious traditions?

Canadians are free to believe what they want

Was the SEATO involved in the Korean War in any way?

no, because the seato or watever is a lying dushbag

Did the KPA display any sort of special skill or capability during the Korean war?


How many Canadians lost their lives during the Vietnam War?

120 foreign born US servicemen were killed in the Viet War. Canada itself wasn't in the war but many of Canada's men volunteered for US military service to fight in Vietnam. Any killed Canadians would be in that 120 figure.

What was Canada's response to World War 1?

Canada had many different ethnic groups and each one of their response to war varied English canadians had great enthusiasm French canadians didn't want to join war and had low enthusiasm Native canadians had tremendous enthusiasm but were mocked at the beginning of the war and the government refused to let them join the war, but later allowed them and many able-bodied natives men joined the war Black canadians weren't allowed to join war first, but the government changed policies and many were allowed later on but many did volunteer even though they mostly did labour work in the war rather than any fighting Japanese canadians were rejected first but then were let and they showed decent support because they wanted to show their loyalty to Canada

Were there any Canadians on the Titanic?

According to "Titanic Names" by Lee Meredith, there were 33 Canadians.

How many Korean soldiers died during world war 2?

Korea was a Japanese Colony during World War 2. There is o recorded Military deaths of any Korean Soldier but 450,000 Civilians were killed during World War 2.

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