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I have a sears Ted Williams twelve gauge semi-automatic shotgun and it came with a barrel to fire slugs.

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Q: Were any slug barrels made for all models of the Ted Williams shotguns?
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What barrels fit western field shotguns?

Several manufacturers made Western Field shotguns for Montgomery Wards. You would have to identify the exact model.

What shotguns were made befor 1930 by J Stevens Arms?

Stevens made 41 different models of shotguns before 1930.Are you looking for a specific model of stevens shotgun?

Is the steel in Japanese made Browning shotguns barrels better than Belgium made barrles?

The steel is stronger, but that doesnt nescesarilly mean its better

Who made American arms shotguns?

American Arms imported Spanish shotguns manufactured by Zabala Hermanos, Lanber, and Indesal. Italian shotguns were also imported and mfg. by Stefano Fausti (Models Silver, Waterfowl, and Turkey Special).

Who made the Ted Williams 410 ga shot gun model 282510840?

Ted Williams shotguns were made by Ithaca and sold thru Sears. Some of this model were made by Bolito of Brazil and will have "Brazil" stamped on the receiver.

Are Remington shotguns made in Russia?

No. Remington shotguns are made in the USA.

What model shotguns did Winchester make in 1982?

One of the models that Winchester made in 1982 was the model 94 shotgun. The model 70 was also made in 1982.

What is the Belgium browning fn shotgun?

There are many different models of Browning shotguns that were made in Belgium by the Fabrique Nationale manufacturing plant in Liege/Herstal. The oldest of which is the Auto-5 Automatic Shotgun which began in 1903. Some Superposed shotguns are still made there.

Remington 12 gauge shot gun?

Remington has made many thousands of 12 gauge shotguns in dozens of different models/configurations.

Where were barton and co shotguns made?

Barton & co shotguns were made in Liege, Belgium.

Where was J J Weston shotguns made?

When was J J Weston Shotguns made

What is the value of one of the first fifty 12 gauge Ithaca double barrel shotguns made with twist barrels?

Exactly how is the gun marked so we can identify what you actually have.

What are Oxford Arms shotguns?

Oxford Arms Company was a trade name used by the Crescent Firearms Company on shotguns made for the Belknap Hardware Company of Louisville, Kentucky, c. 1890-1920. It will not have a serial number. I have an Oxford 16 gauge side-by-side. It has a serial number. Take the barrels off and it is in the slot that holds the barrels. Sorry, Danny, I should have said it MAY not have a serial number. Even if there is one, There are no records available to date these old utility grade shotguns.

Where can you find information about an early 1900s Montgomery Ward side by side shotgun with 30 inch damascus twist barrels and the serial 60346?

Would need to know exactly how the gun is marked. Montgomery Ward's did not manufacture shotguns, but they did sell shotguns made for them by various makers.

What is the model of a Browning semiautomatic shotgun mfg date December 1970?

There were many models of shotguns being made in 1970. Please be more specific

Who made the Sears Ted Williams M-300 20 gauge shotgun serial Q103755?

The Sears Ted Williams Model 300, semi-auto, shotguns were made by Winchester. The Sears 300 is the same as the Winchester Model 1400.

Where is the serial number on 12 gauge American gun?

It may not have one. Assuming yours is a break-action shotgun, they were made by Crescent. Crescent made over 2 million shotguns under about 425 different trade names (American was the name used for guns made for Sears). Shotguns were not required by law to HAVE a serial number until 1968, and your gun was made well before the, HOWEVER- if there is a serial number, it is likely found on the portion of the frame that is covered by the breech end of the barrels. Remove the barrels, and look at the part of the frame that they concealed.

Where are barrels made?

Wooden barrels are made by a Cooper, and that is largely a hand craft. Steel barrels are made in a sheet metal shop, as this workplace is called, and this process is fully automated.

What year is a double automatic shotgun with serial number 3A44945?

There were 2 distinct models of the Browning double auto shotguns made.the first models were the standard double auto,and light weight double auto shotguns which were made from 1952-1960.The second set were the twelvette double auto,and the twenty weight double auto.These were made from 1957-1971.The letter combination prefix of 3A would suggest that your Browning shotgun nwas made in the year 1963,which would make it the second set of shotguns mentioned.I hope that you find this info informative.

Where are Stoeger shotguns made?

Made in Turkey.

What shotguns are made in Brazil?

CBC for one Stoeger Condor and Uplander shotguns, also at least some Rossi shotguns

When were double damascus steel barrels made in the usa?

The use of damascus barrels on guns began to decrease pretty rapidly after 1900, although they were still fairly common up until the start of WWI. If you have a breech loading gun with damascus barrels it will probably date from 1875 - 1910. Most damascus barrels on U.S. guns seem to have actually made in Belgium. There is a lot of debate as to whether any damascus barrels for shotguns were actually made in the U.S. It seems likely there may have been small numbers produced in the U.S. However, Belgium had a large gunmaking trade at the time, with a lot of barrel makers specializing in damascus barrels, so it was generallly cheaper to import them than to make them.

What do you call a person who made barrels?

A cooper is a person who makes barrels.

Is a 1969 browning light 12 made in Belgium?

Yes.All Browning shotguns made prior to the year 1976 were Belgium made shotguns.

The difference between the models 1921 and 1928 savage 12 ga shotguns have both can not tell any differences Even the barrels are interchangable The sn on the 1921 is 16497 the 1928 sn is 16908?

the 1928 is just an improved verson of the 1921 model. they made about 5 or6 different 1928 models or grades. the 1921 model was made from 1921 to 1928 with about 13000 guns made. they are worth about$350 in exc. to $150 poor grade. The Model 28 was called "an improved version of the Model 21", so the differences should not be dramatic.