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Yes, they were. There were/ are several categories of Templar's, including the Knights Templar's. The assassins and Templar's mainly existed during the Crusades (or Holy Wars), being of course the two opposing sides. The assassins were not called assassins in public, of course, however their title escapes me at the moment. I apologize, but hope this has been somewhat helpful. I'm sure there is someone else with a better answer than mine.


I suggest this came because of the game assassin's creed. As the previous answer stated, they were mainly based around the Crusades or Holy Wars as this was the time where the story is based around. 'Altaïr' the character in the game is fictional and was made up.

I think they were called Hashishin or something like that, but I may be wrong.


As the person above me said, Altaïr himself is not real, however, as the game portrays, the Masyaf Castle did indeed house a group of Assassins.

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The assassins were real and they were against the Templars.

The Knights Templar really did exist, from 1119 to 1312. They did participate in battles, however, they were not assassins.

Yes, Ezio, Altair the templars were all real. there were assassins for 1600 years. some say there were secret assassins in world war 1 and 2 but no one knows for sure

The Assassins were brave fighters, but they feared the reputation of the Knights Templar. The Assassins gave much money to the Templars in return of safety. In the battle at Sakira, when 5000 Saracens were attacking 400 Assassins, the last ones got saved by 100 Knights Templar. Some legends even tell that Assassins and Templars were friends and the Assassins were Christian.

Templars are soldiers from the crusades yes. they were in assassins creed because they want power that only the assassin's know about like the "apple of eden"

Assassins Creed was based on true events. Templars were real, and there were a group of assassins called the Hashshashin. But if those two did actually have conflict between them, im not sure. Although I do wish it was real, because it is such an amazing storyline. -Vikki Stephan (:

Partly, the events that happened in Assassin's Creed are purely fictional but once there really were people that called themselves Templars So Templars were real (maybe they still are who knows) but events in Assassin's Creed are just pure fiction. Also many historical figures, such as Hitler, Roosevelt and Julius Caesar were called Templars by the creators of assassins creed (Ubisoft), so watch out for them, and by the way, George W. Bush was a Templar puppet.

assassins creed will end with the resaloution of the end of the world which will be fought by assassins and templars againts the gods.

"May the Father of Understanding Guide [you]."

By characters, you probably mean templars. Templars are the assassins that Desmond sees in Ezios memory. You will get an assassination contract to assassinate the templar. You can also play as several Templars in the multiplayer of Brotherhood.

Both. Ezio isn't real. But the story behind the game that focuses on the Templars are real. The first game was a legend of altair and his quest to make peace among the crusades.

Assassinate all 9 of the templars then defeat your master Al Mualim.

The Templars are the opposition to the Assassins. They seek freedom through power and tyranny and will kill the innocent to achieve it. Unlike the Assassins, where they seek freedom through the belief of equality of men. The weapon they choose to use is a Piece of Eden created by the First Civilization that can control the minds of others. However, they cannot seem to find any.

The Assassin's and Templars in the Assassin's Creed series is not real but is based on a true life story.

He isn't on any side (he kills british and american templars alike)

Catholic AnswerThe Knights Templars were very real, and mostly all executed in the fourteen century, and disbanded by the Church. Modern "templars" are a branch of Freemasons which ape some of the clothing and rituals of the Templars but have no real connection with them. The Templars themselves (those still alive in the fourteenth century) were absorbed into other orders in the Church. The freemasons not only have no connection with them but have been condemned by nearly every Pope for the past two hundred years.

well at the end you go on a truck and go to modern day monterigionni

Yes, in fact there was an 'assassyun's creed back then but it has ended whereas the knights templars still exists.

It's actually really complicated but basically, assassins fight templars. The Templars are trying to get their hands on artifacts such as: The apple of eden and the Holy Grail. Basically, they will send these artifacts into orbit and control the human race on the 21/12/12. The day the Mayan calendar ends...

just follow the path with the templars and go forward till you have to chase his target.

Yes. He was a world class thief and to my knowledge there is little to nothing about his real name. All historical characters that were given full names are real. The descendants of the Templars and assassins still exist, but merged to form the masons many many many years ago. The Templars in the game are more based on the modern Illuminati. Everyone but Desmond and the others from modern times were real. The vault and pieces of Eden are also fictional. So are a few events.

If you are talking about Altair in Assassins Creed, then no, he is not real. He is only real in game as a bar tender which his family before him were assassins.

Because that is where he kept the apple of eden from assassins creed or because it is a secret symbol for the illuminati or free masons or templars

yes and some are still real

No, the Templars are not evil.

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