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2010-04-19 23:39:51
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Q: Were can you find a hk rifle case for g36?
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Is the hk g36 automatic?

Yes; as an assault rifle, the Heckler & Koch G36 has select fire capabilities, and can fire in both semi-automatic and fully-automatic modes.

Can you use a kwa hk g36 mag for your hk g36c airsoft gun?

If you're talking about the HK G36C from a sporting goods store, no, the KWA mag won't work. The HK licensed G36s that pop up in sporting goods store use a proprietary magazine.

For ava is hk417 for rifle man?

No, the HK 416 is for rifleman. The HK 417 is a semi sniper rifle that's only been released in the Korean and Japanese versions.

What sort of bullet is used for HK-33 rifle?


What is the age of your Carl Gustav 6.5x55 rifle serial number HK 362593?

Might be 1979 or it might not be.

What is the most accurate 22 rifle made?

1- M4A1 2- M16 3- M4 4- HK 416 5- Hk 36C 6- Hk 36k 7- AK47 8- HK G3 9- LWRC PSD 10- Tavor Assault rifle 11- Magpul Masada 12- AR-10 13- M-110 Sniper Rifle 14- M249 SAW PARA 15- 50 Beowulf 16- XM8 Assault Rifle 17- 6.5 Grendel Alexander Arms 18- Barrett .50 cal sniper 19- Ak 74 20- M16A1 21- Dragunov (SVD) 22- Beretta LTLX7000

What is the value of an HK-91 rifle?

100-15000 USD depending on EXACTLY what you have, condition, accessories, box, manual, etc..

What type of metal is the barrel and receiver made out of on the HK 416 22LR Tactical rifle?

Aluminum receivers, steel barrel

Can you remove the fake suppressor from the HK 416 22lr pistol?

Yes. It unscrews just like the fake suppressor on the MP5 22lr rifle.

You have an HK M1 Super 90 12 ga semi-auto SG 20 rifle sights in excellent condition What is it worth?

450 or so

How do you find the hk factory in kotor 2?

You have to download the restoration project mods.

Will hk 416 22 pistol accept buffer tube?

The HK 416 Pistol and Rifle are both the same in construction. the lowers are the same also. It is a scaled version of the HK 416/417 model (.223) only a dedicated .22 rifle. the place the Buffer-tube inserts is capped for pistol specs. But yes a buffer tube from a full length 416 .22lr should work. Be aware that by putting the Buffer-tube WITH a stock constitutes a short barrel rifle and is illegal unless you pay the ATF the $200 tax stamp and process the request to own through them.

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