Were did anne Boleyn spend her childhood?

Anne Boleyn was probably born in 1501 and spent most of her early childhood at Hever Castle in Kent, England. In 1513 at the age of 12 Anne Boleyn left her family's home and traveled to the court of Regent Margaret of Austria in Burgundy. Margaret was a great patroness of the arts, a supporter of protestant efforts in Europe, and a strict but cultured mistress. There she learned French, how to play the lute and keyboard, and other courtly skills. She remained there a year and most likely would have shared lessons with the future Emperor Charles V, his sister Eleanor who would become Queen of Portugal and France, and Isabel later the Queen of Denmark. Anne Boleyn was later summoned in 1514 to wait on Henry VIII of England's sister Princess Mary who was to marry Louis XII of France and become Queen. So she left Margaret's court to join her sister who was also to wait on Mary whose marriage only lasted 82 days before the old king died on new years day 1515. The widowed queen was sent home to England after controversially and disgracefully marrying Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk. Anne Boleyn stayed on in France to wait on the new King Francis I's wife Queen Claude, a sickly plain young women of 15. Anne's sister Mary became the king's mistress for a brief time and was then passed around the court to other favorable courtiers which despite popular belief was NOT consider either honorable or profitable. In 1516 Anne Boleyn could have met Leonardo da Vinci when he was at the court in Amboise. She continued her education by improving her language skills, singing, lute and virginals playing, and penmanship. She knew English, French, and some Latin and enjoyed learning of the protestant movement and how they believed everyone should be able to read the word of God in a language they could understand. In 1516 Anne went with Queen Claude to the meeting between King Francis I and King Henry VII, with her sister Mary attending Henry's wife Katherine of Aragon. In late 1521 at the age of 20 Anne left the French court thus ending her courtly training abroad.