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You can either search using the 'Advanced Search' function found at the very top right of the page, or check out the Christmas category in History and Society > Holidays and Traditions.

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How do i answer peoples questions on wiki answers android app i feel like it might be right in front of me but I can't find it I can only find already answered questions?

On wiki answers all the questions are already answered for you.

Where can one find information on the US federal credit union?

One can search for My credit Union. Here all the common questions about credit unions and finances will be listed. If an answer is not available, one can submit an answer to be answered personally.

Why don't any of your questions get answered?

But my questions DO get answered! ;-) Maybe your questions are not clear enough? People might not find your questions so categorize them wisely. People might not see your question or they might not know the answer...who knows?

How can you find questions that have not been answered on WikiAnswers?

Just click on "Unanswered questions" in the green bar at the top.

Why is there a question that has not been answered on WikiAnswers?

unfortunately, all of the questions in the whole world cannot be answered. you can answer them yourself, if you know what the answer is to them, if you become a member of wikianswers. Many questions are also repeats of older answered questions, if you find these you should request a question merge.

Why doesnt WikiAnswers just say answered or not answered beside the questions because it would save a lot of time?

Umm, they do people make an account and find questions they know the can answer, ok?

Why can't you find my answers?

Almost all of your questions have been answered. You should be aware that answers on WikiAnswers are not provided by a highly paid staff. Anyone, including yourself, can submit answers. There is no promise or guarantee that people will choose to answer your questions. People from all over the world log in and submit/answer questions just for the enjoyment of it. Some questions are naturally more interesting and engaging for certain groups of people; other questions are not. Be patient, and in the meantime you could spend some time offering well formulated and well written answsers yourself. It's part of the fun!

How can you find unanswered questions that you asked?

There is currently no way to search for your unanswered questions. However, you can search for questions that you asked and look to see if there is a preview for an answer. if there is, it was answered. If not, it wasn't answered.The easiest way to do that is to go to your bio page and in the filter, select 'Questions (asked)' and then click 'Go'.

Where do you find all of your unanswered questions on

just press search at the top right corner and type unanswered and answered questions.

Why do none of my questions EVER get answered?

There are MANY questions out there on this website, it takes time for MANY of them to be answered, you're not the only one who has this problem like some. I would if it has not been answered, send it to someone or find the closest relevant answer and use that as a base and wait a little longer before YOUR question is answered.

Why doesn't answer my questions? does answer your questions. You just have to wait a while until your question, like this one, is answered because not everyone has the answer.You have to be signed in to find out when your question is answered and DOES answer your questions you just have to have an account using Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and Goggle.

If your supposed to find all the answers here then why does it never have any of my questions?

Your question hasn't been asked by anyone else yet. Please submit the question to WikiAnswers and then your question might get answered. WikiAnswers' database doesn't have all of the questions in the world yet, so it would be nice if you asked the question so others can answer it for you.

Where will I find the questions I needed answered?

Just go to "my contributions" and everything you have done will come up.

What is a good site to find legitimate answers to puberty questions?

I have always used The questions you ask are answered by a REAL doctor.

How do you find your answered questions without email?

Without email, you could go to "contributions" to the left under my pages and then filter by "questions (asked)".

Why are you people so bad at answering questions?

What is it about the nature of Wiki that you seem not to understand? People sign in from all over the world to submit and to try their hand at answering questions. It is a very dynamic place FULL of human beings. It is true that questions are not always the best, and answers are not always accurate or even serious. But you should find some thought provoking material here, if you look a little and keep an open mind. You might also enjoy the site more if you try answering questions. You may find that it is not as easy as you seem to suggest. Some questions and categories are monitored very well and provide very informative answers. As the site is not uniform, you may find that in the several categories that you frequent the questions are badly answered, but in other sections, questions are well-answered.

Where do you find a list of Answered questions on WikiAnswers?

Click on the "Browse questions" link on the top of the page (in the middle). This allows you to see all the different categories on WikiAnswers, and the questions in each of them.

What questions here have not been answered yet?

Thousands. That's why we need your help in answering some questions! You can find all the NEWLY created questions in the related links below.

Why do people go on to Wikianwer website?

To find information about their specific question, by seeing if their question is answered. (Not all questions will be answered. Correct spelling is helpful, but not required.)

Where can you find easy answers to math questions?

I believe that this site is a significant area of which math questions can be answered. Man, I love to talk smrt! (OvO)

How do you find old uncategorized questions that have not been answered?

There is no automatic way to take you to the oldest of the questions in the Uncategorized category. To see all the questions in the Uncategorized category, click on the Related link.

How do you find your grade by a fraction?

You have to divide the number of questions you answered correctly of the number of total questions then multiply by 100. (#correct over total#of questions) x 100 Or, you divided 100 by the total number of questions, then multiply by the number you got right to find your percentage.

Where can i go to find out about a Cron Job?

If one is looking for a Cron job, then they should locate someone of the field in order to get most of their questions answered by someone with experience in the specific field. If all of their questions are not answered, then they should personally contact the manager of the company. If they are still having trouble having their questions answered and they feel as if they have tried everything, then they should not take the risk.

How do you find out when a Q was asked on WikiAnswers if it is not yet answered?

Go to Then click new questions. All the unanswered questions will show with how long ago they were posted.

Where on WikiAnswers can you find questions and answers on the topic of Geophysics?

Answered and Unanswered questions on Geophysics can be found at the following URL:

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