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Were do you go to make a interest in empty council houses?

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How do you put situate in a sentence?

Here are two sentences using the word 'situate': "The council plan to situate the new houses in the empty fields." "To make sure the camera works, you must situate it firmly on the tripod."

What is a verb that means make empty?

Empty. to make empty as in "I empty the container"Vacate, to make empty, abandontransitive verb To cease to occupy or hold; give up.transitive verb To empty of occupants or incumbents.transitive verb Law To make void or annul; countermand: as in Vacate a death sentance

How empty pop cans make a pound?

127456 empty pop can make a pound!

What type of legislature does Sudan have?

The legislature of the Sudan has two houses that make laws. It has two chambers, the National Assembly consisting of 450 representatives and the Council of States consisting of 50 members.

Aim or interest which is best to achieve the success?

make your aim in such way that it will become your interest, make your aim to your interest becoz interest is the only way via you can make your aim possible.

Who can you make a complaint to about a city?

The Council

What do empty calories do for your body?

empty calories will slow down your metabolism and make your body adjust to it.

What are the houses that make up Parliament in Canada?

The houses that make Parliament in Canada are Senate and House of Commons

Is the council of vampires real?

No... Like Vampires, the council is a fictitious concept, designed to make money.

Empty vessels make the most noise?

people with empty minds brag a lot

How do you make a gate on minecraft?

empty empty empty stick wood stick stick wood stick 3x3 crafting grid

What did Indians make Adobe houses out of?

They created the adobe houses out of clay .

What do empty vessels make?


Is empty a noun?

Not formally. It is an adjective, or a verb meaning to make empty. The related noun is emptiness. But the word "empty" is often applied colloquially to empty bottles or other containers.

How do the Amazon people make there houses?

They make their houses out of whatever they can find like trees and other plants in the area.

What did Chinook people make their houses out of?

the chinook indians lived in plankhouses so they used wood to make their houses

How do you work a firework star in minecraft?

Craft one gunpowder with as many dyes as you like to make a star. The amount of dyes and in what order you place them on the crafting table determine the colors of the firework. You can also use a creeper head in the star to make the firework explosion in the shape of a creeper. After you create the star, you can make the firework like so: Empty Gunpowder Empty Empty Paper Empty Gunpowder Star Gunpowder This configuration will launch the firework the highest. If you want to use two gunpowder instead and have the rocket not launch as high, you can also use: Empty Empty Empty Empty Paper Empty Gunpowder Star Gunpowder Or, you can even use just one gunpowder, which would look like: Empty Gunpowder Empty Empty Paper Empty Empty Star Empty Hope this helps you!

What are serbian houses made of?

Serbians make houses mostly (90%) from brick.

Latin for two houses the two houses of congress make the legislature?

bicarmel =)

How did the Inuit men make houses?

houses with wood or stones.igloos with snow and ice

How many houses make up congress?

Two.2 houses

What do they make out of plank houses?

they make it out of cedar tree

Where does a snake make its home?

They don't make houses

How do interest rates affect businesses?

Interst rates remove some of the profits that are made in businsses that make loans to opperate. Interest rates also make less money available to people that are paying of houses resulting in their not purchacing as much from businesses. this also flows on to renters of homes. the higher the rates the lower the economic activity.

Did the Iroquois use earth to make houses?

iroguois use earth to make their houses to ceep tham safe from others