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What are ap points in Fallout 3?

ap point stand for action points when you go in v.a.t.s you use atction points to target your enemy

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Does anything in Fallout New Vegas spoil anything in Fallout 3?

Nothing in New Vegas spoils Fallout 3. They take place in 2 completely different corners of the country. And New Vegas can not spoil anything for Fallout 3, as New Vegas takes place before the events of Fallout 3. Hope this helps!

Also Fallout 3 is not a sequal. But lets pray for a Fallout 4


Can you go back for the holotapes in mothership zeta after you beat the mission because when I tried to go into other parts of the ship from the bridge the doors were inoperable?

No sorry i had the same problem you unfortunatly have to start again

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Where can you find sugar bombs in Fallout 3 New Vegas?

there is an abandoned house in Nelson and from old lady Gibson and in the NCR food bank in Freeside

Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas are different games. Which one do you mean?

In Fallout 3, if you purchase the "pre-war" house theme from Moira in the Craterside Supply (Megaton) there will be SEVERAL sugar bombs on the shelves in your home.

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Where is the energy weapons bobble head in fallout 3?

Unfortunately, it is deep within Raven Rock, but it is not to hard to find if you follow the path out (as long as you don't miss it because you won't get another chance at it after you escape).

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Where is the endurance bobble head in Fallout 3?

You will find the Endurance Bobblehead in the Deathclaw Sanctuary near the entrance of the cave.

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What does Alien Epoxy do in Fallout 3?

it repairs your weapons


Are you able to drive vehicles in Fallout New Vegas?

There are a few available mods from Erneso. on a website called nexus. Cars, Motorcycles and a working vertibird. newvegas.nexusmods.com/


How do you discover vault 87?

You have to get close to the area, then use both Rad Away and Rad-x, along with a decent rad resistance suit or armor, then just make a run for the middle of it. Hotkey the rad away, and pop it as you go. It may take a few tries...but it can be done. Another suggestion will be getting the Cyborg perk which will allow to not only take 1/2 of the damage you normally would but resist rads. So take advantage of the perks that have RAD RESISSTANCE.


What is the worst karma rank in Fallout 3?

scourge of the wastes

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Why do your eyes keep going blurry on Fallout 3?

I could simply say that you are playing the game for either too long or you are too close to the monitor... BUT, if you are referring to the blur effect you notice occasionally, one reason is YOU ARE BEING SHOT AT! The other reason is that something that you consumed which had physical altering properties has just worn off. Could have been a drug, alcohol, Nuka Cola Quantum or Yao Guai Meat.

Another reason is your head may be cripled, use a stimpack.


Can you take followers to point lookout?

No, you can't take followers to any add-on places except broken steel


Where in Fallout 3 do you sell your sugar bombs?

At the Northwest Seneca Station Metro. If you havent found it, it's in the Northwest corner of the map above Arefu. Speak to the ghoul guy in there and he will make an offer for you to bring him back some Sugar Bombs for bottle caps.


What year did the first fallout come out?

i think in 1997.


Where is flak in rivet city?

In the Market, at Flak N Shrapnel's shop. Only head there when the market is open, or you won't find him.


How do you download mods from fallout 3 nexus?

Some of the smaller mods are freely downloadable, but to take advantage of a massive archive of Falolut 3 and Oblivion mods and utilities, simply create an account. It's free and you won't be spammed, I've been a member and contributor for years.


Does fallout 3 platinum hits have more levels?

no, because platinum just rated really good by xbox and cost less


From fallout 1 who is the Master?

Richard Moreau, AKA The Master, is the final boss of Fallout 1. Born in Vault 8 (later known as Vault City) he was exiled, changing his name to Richard Grey, and joining up with a trader called Harold. While searching for the source of attacks on Harold's caravans by mutant animals, the pair stumbled across the Mariposa Military Base, within which had been created the FEV, Forced Evolutionary Virus.

Inside, an accident caused Richard to fall into an FEV vat, where he remained for a month, mutating into his current form. He developed the ability to absorb other creatures, including people, to increase his intellect. He also perfected the procedure where normal humans are dipped in the vats, to create super mutants.

Along with his allies, the Children of the Cathedral, Grey worked to increase the numbers of his super mutant army. He believed that once everyone had been turned into a super mutant (joining his 'Union'), there would be world piece.

The player character can fight and defeat him in combat, or arm a nuclear warhead on a lower level and destroy him indirectly. Also, he can point out a flaw in Grey's plan, that the FEV sterilises the super mutants (the virus perceives the creation of sex cells to be 'damage' and repairs them), and that the race is doomed. Grey will then allow the player to leave, committiing suicide by arming the bomb himself.


Are there any novels similar to Fallout 3?

hey, not sure how long ago this question was asked, but I'm looking for the exact same type of book at the moment. people have recommended 'The Road' and another called 'The Stand' by Stephen king.

Also, different setting but same situation, I read Metro 2033 by Dmitry Glukhovsky, don't be put off by the fact there is a game, it was a book first. Loved reading it, it was at times quite tricky to understand some things because a lot of stuff goes on the main characters head, but try it out.


Does Raul have a quest in new Vegas?

yes. talk to corporal sterling loyel and ranger Andy in any order and he'll tell you a story for each 1 you talk to.


Where is Bryce Anders in 'Fallout - New Vegas'?

Bryce Anders is in Vault 3.

There is another character named "Anders" in Fallout New Vegas. You rescue him from cottonwood cove for the drug dealers in Red Rock.


Can Fallout 3 be played on a mac through steam?



Are you able to drive vehicles in fallout 3?

unfortuneately no, although in some questlines, you can ride in crafts, such as vertibirds, and a boat....unless you have the PC version and then the answer is a resounding YES! Cars, Bikes, and a working Vertibird.

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How do you get robux and tix for free on roblox?

There is no legal way to get free robux. You recieve free tix daily when you log in, and you recieve tix for every few people who visit your place/s. Tix can be traded for robux, this is the only way to get robux without using real money (besides selling clothing for robux).


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