Were is rocktropolis in Fallout 3?

Updated: 10/5/2023
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Yes it's underground. It is located north of Girdershade, South of the Yao Guai Tunnels and west of Smith Casey's Garage.

It's really easy to miss, Look for colored triangles going across a string. There is a bit of a ditch in front of it.

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Rockopolis is in a large rock. To get there you have to quicktravel to Smith Casey's garage and head west. Keep going west until you see a large boulder with a string of flags over it. Inside is Herbert "Daring" Dashwood's ghoul manservant Argyle dead next to the Unarmed bobble head.

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in the far west of the map you will come to a rock face, surrounding it will be bunting hanging from the rocks nearby. the entrance is behind a loose looking rock in one of the cliff faces, there isn't much in there though

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Q: Were is rocktropolis in Fallout 3?
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