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If you dig deep into the causes of our Revolution, you will discover that the primary cause was tax slavery. Our Founders said so time and time again. They called British taxes the "badge of slavery," and they weren't exaggerating or blowing off steam. When the Sons of Liberty (an underground organization throughout the colonies) paraded through the streets of New York, Boston, and Philadelphia, singing ballads against British taxes, the chorus that was repeated after the main verses was:

"Parliament's voice has condemned us by law to be SLAVES

Brave Boys!

Has condemned us by law to be SLAVES."

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Q: Were slaves involved in property taxes?
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What was the rule of slaves called?

The rule of slaves was called slavery. It involved owning individuals as property and forcing them to work without pay.

Did the Southerners tax there slaves?

No. A slave was owned by his master. He did not earn money so how could he pay taxes.HoweverSince slaves were owned, they were considered property. So slaves were used to determine what taxes were paid by the plantation owner.

What were Slaves are counted as?

slaves were viewed as property not as people

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If you are the one renting the property you can not deduct this from your taxes. If you are the landlord you can receive a deduction on your taxes for owning the property.

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This can be possible when the property taxes are not paid by the owners and the taxing authorities seize the property and sell it at auction to collect the past due property taxes.

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Why did slaves' deaths rarely bother plantation owners?

They viewed slaves as property that could simply be replaced.

How were the slaves freedom denied?

The slaves' freedom was denied by the concept that slaves were property, not human beings, and all human beings are free, but not property, so slaves were denied freedom due to the concept that slaves were property, not people.