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Were the US and Japan in the cold war?

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the US is most responsible for the quick rebuilding of Japan Japan and the US were very close in the cold war and still are

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What side was japan on in the cold war?


In what way is post-war Japan a Child of the Cold War?

The atomic age was born in the US with the Manhatton project; but matured in Japan, with it's use on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The cold war is the result of nuclear weapons. Japan is the birthplace of the cold war.

What US forced were stationed in Japan during the Cold War?

US Air Force and US Naval Bases were stationed in Japan.

Is the cold war part of world war 2?

no No, the Cold War is quite separate from WW II. Note that in WW II, Russia was an ally of the US, while Germany and Japan were enemies of the US. In the Cold War, Russia became the main enemy of the US, and West Germany and Japan were allies of the US. So the alliances switched.

What are the causes of the Vietnam War and the US invole in the war?

The cold war caused the Vietnam War. The Atom Bomb created the cold war. If there had been no atomic bombs, there would have been no cold war. If there had been no cold war, the US may not have been involved in Vietnam in the first place. If the US had been involved, the US would have declared (total) war and defeated North Vietnam just like the US (allies) defeated Japan/Germany in WW2.

What impacts has the atomic bomb that the us dropped on japan had in later years?

The A-Bombs created the cold war.

Who declared war?

Japan, Germany declared war on the US, the US declared war on Japan/Germany.

How did the use of the atomic bomb at Hiroshima and Nagasaki affect the Cold War?

The cold war was not affect by the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The cold war was a product of the deed and Japan surrendering to the United States keeping Russia out the pacific and the US in.

What two countries were allien of the US during World War 2 and later became enemies during cold war?

korea and japan

Is the US at war with Japan?

No, currently the US and Japan are allies.

Was japan communist during the cold war?


Why the US declared war in December of 1941?

The US declared war against Japan because Japan attacked US territories in the Pacific Ocean. The US did not declare war on Germany and Italy. They declared war on the US following the US declaration of War on Japan.

What did germany do after the US declared war on Japan?

After Japan declared war on the US, Germany did the same to show their support for japan.

Why did amrica bomb japan in World War 2?

Because America and Japan were at war- Japan having attacked the US, and declared war on the US.

How did the cold war affect china and japan?

It didn't.

Which country dropped the atomic bomb in the cold war?

No nation dropped an atomic weapon during the cold war. The cold war is not the same as World War 2. Two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan by the US at the end of World War 2. The cold war is called 'cold' because it was not an actual armed conflict. It was a period marked by a conflict of ideologies, propaganda and fear.

Why Was the US responsible for the Cold War?

The US invented the "A-Bomb." That device started the cold war.

Why did the US lose the cold war?

It is generally accepted that the USSR lost the Cold War, not the US.

What parts of Japan did the US occupy after World War 2?

All of it. US military installations were set up in former Japanese military sites; as well as strategic regions, such as seaports, etc. Japan was used as a "cold war" base...for fighting communist expansion (Korean War and Vietnam War).

What events influenced US policy during the Cold War?

Nuclear weapons made the cold war, the cold war influenced US policies.

What did Japan do in the Korean war?

Japan helped the US.

Why did the us dropped the atom bomb on hiroshima?

The Us and Japan were at war, after Japan had attacked the US. Japan had refused to surrender to the US.

When the US was forced to declare war on Japan?

The US was forced to declare war on Japan in DECEMBER 9, 1941

How did the US enter World War 2?

The US entered WW2 with the bombing of Pearl Harbor by Japan. As soon as we declared war on Japan Germany delcared war on the US. The Germans had an agreement with Japan.

How did the war between the us and japan start?

it started when japan bomb us

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