The Romanovs

Were the murderers of the Romanov family ever caught or punished?

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July 16, 2010 9:54AM

The Murderers of Romanov Family Secret

The murderers of the Romanov family were never caught or punished due to the fact that they did not confess to the whole crime. The citizens of the village near the woods where the family was buried never said anything due to fear of being punished and the remains would have been dug up and reburied somewhere else. The murderers of the Imperial family did not confess to the whole crime truthfully, but did confess to executing the family in the cellar of the Impatiev house and burning the bodies. Even though they could not burn the bodies fully, they had told that story, but to cover-up their lie they buried the bodies in the woods near a village. The murderers were never punished for the murder of the Romanov Family. They had confessed to murdering the family, by shooting bullets and bayonets at them in the cellar of the Impatiev house and if members were still concious after the execution they stabbed them.

The murderers were never caught or punished by the government for one simple reason: They WERE the government. After the Provisional Government fell in November, 1917, the Bolsheviks took the Tsar and his family to Ekaterinberg. The Russian Civil War had begun and a Czechoslavak contingent of the White Russian Army was nearby and could have rescued the family. In the evening of July 16, 1918, members of the Extraordinary Commission of the Ekaterinburg Soviet (the Bolshevik governing body in that city) appeared at the Impatiev house with orders that the family be shot lest they be rescued. Commander Yurovsky of the Red Army was in charge of the force that held the royal family. At about midnight he ordered the royal family awakened and at about 1 a. m. the Tsar, his wife, their four daughters, their son, together with the family's doctor, maid and two waiters were brought to a room. Yurovsky, the members of the Commission and several soldiers entered the room and shot them all dead. The government murdered the Romanovs.