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yes Viking was first, then Leif Ericson, and Columbus

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Were Vikings of Norway the first to discover Am?

They were the first Europeans to discover America.

Who were the first Europeans to discover America?

Vikings and their ship named amadou

What important exporlation or did the vikings make?

They were the first Europeans to discover North America.

Why is vinland so important?

It verified that the Vikings were the first Europeans to discover America.

What lands did the vikings discover?

North America and south America

What lands did leif ericksson discover?

North America. He led a group of Vikings, who were the first Europeans to land in North America.

Who was the first to discover north America?

The Vikings, but issues with the native people drove them out. but the policanesions were the true ones

What area or America did the Vikings discover?

The Vikings first discovered Newfoundland, Canada when they came to America. The Scandinavian Vikings, in search of fertile land, voyaged far and wide, temporarily settling in Iceland, Greenland, and the Canadian seacoast of Labrador and Newfoundland.

Was Columbus 1st to discover America?

Although Christopher Columbus is commonly given the title of first person to discover America, there is evidence that this is not true. The Vikings discovered America about 500 years earlier but did not establish settlements so did not get the credit.

Was Leif the first to discover America?

He was the first European to discover America.

How did the Minnesota Vikings team get there name?

It was named this because of Minnesota's high Scandinavian population, and they would be first to discover Minnesotan football like the real Vikings discovered America.

Where the vikings the first to America?

They were the first Europeans to America.

Was Christopher Columbus REALLY the first European to discover America?

Well, not actually. The viking's were actually the first europeans to discover America but we consider cristoper Columbus the first because the vikings never told anybody, and nobody found out until christopher Columbus found it.

Did the vikings or the europeans discover Canada first?

The Vikings are Europeans and it was people of Asian descent that discovered Canada first.

What year did the Vikings discover America?

in 1000 (CAD) around 1000 A.D.

What places did the vikings discover?

The Vikings were the first Europeans to reach America. Some Vikings found Greenland. Though the land was covered in ice, the Vikings wanted people to live there. So they named it Greenland. They said, "It's so green! Come here!"

Who are 2 famous vikings and what are they known for?

Erik the Red discovered Greenland. His son, Leif Ericson, was the first European to discover North America.

Who were the vikings to discover America?

they were sort of like Native Americans. I guess they came together

Who actually discovered North America?

The first to discover it were the ancestors of the American Indians, who came over from Siberia several thousand years ago. The first Europeans to "discover" NA were probably Vikings from Scandinavia, around 1000 AD.

What did Christopher Columbus discover in central America?

Christopher Columbus discovered that the Scandinavian vikings had discovered America first because they were on there way to find the poles. (north pole and south pole)

When did the vikings find the first European settlement in north America?

The Vikings found the first European settlement in North America in 1520. The Vikings are known for being a ruthless people.

Who was the first European to discover North America?

Leif Ericson was the first European to discover North America.

Did Norwegians first discover America?

Yes. There is a consensus among scholars that the vikings traveled to what is today known as America five centuries prior to the travels of Christopher Columbus. The vikings gave America the name: "Vinland" or in English (Word by word translation): "Wine land." One interpretation is "meadow land." The most famous of these vikings was "Leif Erikson."

Was Christopher Columbus the first American to find America?

the vikings found it before Columbus but the native Americans found it first

Is John Cabot famous of a particular accomplishment?

Yes, it is claimed he was the first European to discover North America (since the Vikings). In 1497 he shipped at what is now Newfoundland.

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