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AnswerWhen Germany invaded Norway there was several battles fought there, Narvik as mentioned alltough there was the first and the second battle of narvik and there was several other battles in Norway fought not only by norwegians and Germans but France and UK also sent soldiers to help Norway.
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Q: Were there any conflicts in Norway during World War 2?
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Was Norway a member of the axis allience or the allies allience?

During World War 1, Norway was a neautral country. During World War 2, Norway was a part of the Allies.

On which side did norway fight during world war 2?

Norway was occupied by German troops early in the war.

Who did Norway fight with in WW1?

None. Norway was a neutral country during World War 1.

Is Norway a central power or allied?

Neither. Norway were neutral during World War 1.

What religions were practiced in Norway during World War 2?

Christianity was the major religion in Norway in WW2.

Who were Norway's allies during World War 2?

Norway's allies were Britain, and the allies including the U.S.

Is Norway at peace with its neighbors?

Yes. Norway is just participating in the Afghan War, and does not have any conflicts with their neighbours.

How was Norway during World War 2?

Oppressed by German forces.

Who was the leader of Norway during World War 2?

Vidkun Quisling.

Who ruled Norway in World War 2?

Norway was occupied by Germany during WW2 and run by the Quisling government.

What countries were completely neutral during World War 1?

During World War I, the notable neutral nations were Spain, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

How were the people of Norway treated during World War 2?

Roughly by the Germans

Did the nazi' s occupy Norway?

Yes, during World War II.

Why does Norway provide Britain with a Christmas tree for trafalgar square?

As thanks for Britain's support of Norway during the Second World War.

When was Norway invaded by Germany during world war 2?

9 April 1940 .

Who was the political leader in Norway during World War 2?

Vidkun Quisling .

Who was the king of Norway during World War 2?

Haakon VII .

Who was the king of Norway during World War 1?

Dakota Zientek

Did Germany occupy Norway during World War 2?

Yes, for 5 years.

What Scandinavian countries were occupied by Germany during World War 2?

Denmark and Norway.

What was it like at the home front in Russia during world war 1?

Russia's home front during World War 1 was characterized by civil war. It was these internal conflicts that led to Russia's premature withdrawal from the war.

How were Norway's citezens treated during the war?

which war?

What countries did japan have conflicts with before World War 1?

Japan had conflicts with China and Russia before World War one.

What are 4 external conflicts in ''American history''?

American history has had many external conflicts. Here are four examples: The Korean War, The Vietnam War, World War I and World War II. These are conflicts that involved the American military.

When did Norway first provide christams tree in trafalgar square?

The first Christmas tree from Norway was given in 1947. This is done in gratitude for Britain's support to Norway during World War II.