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Were there any conflicts in Norway during World War 2?


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AnswerWhen Germany invaded Norway there was several battles fought there, Narvik as mentioned alltough there was the first and the second battle of narvik and there was several other battles in Norway fought not only by norwegians and Germans but France and UK also sent soldiers to help Norway.

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During World War 1, Norway was a neautral country. During World War 2, Norway was a part of the Allies.

Norway was occupied by German troops early in the war.

None. Norway was a neutral country during World War 1.

Neither. Norway were neutral during World War 1.

Christianity was the major religion in Norway in WW2.

Yes. Norway is just participating in the Afghan War, and does not have any conflicts with their neighbours.

Oppressed by German forces.

Norway was occupied by Germany during WW2 and run by the Quisling government.

During World War I, the notable neutral nations were Spain, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Yes, during World War II.

As thanks for Britain's support of Norway during the Second World War.

Russia's home front during World War 1 was characterized by civil war. It was these internal conflicts that led to Russia's premature withdrawal from the war.

Japan had conflicts with China and Russia before World War one.

Poland,denmark,Germany,Finland,and Norway

American history has had many external conflicts. Here are four examples: The Korean War, The Vietnam War, World War I and World War II. These are conflicts that involved the American military.

The Germans occupied the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Norway during the second world war in 1940.

The first Christmas tree from Norway was given in 1947. This is done in gratitude for Britain's support to Norway during World War II.

The principal conflicts which came directly out of the First World War were the Russian Revolution, Turkish Revolution and the Greek-Turkish War. The other conflicts which followed are too numerous to mention although the Second World War had many of its roots in the First.

They are called neutral nations. These countries were neutral during World War 2: Spain, Norway, Portugal, Ireland, and Switzerland.

All I know so far is Denmark, Norway, and Poland

Norway sends a huge Christmas tree to The UK every year to thank them after The UK helped Norway during World War II.

Yes , Norway was occupied by German troops April 9, 1940, and ended on May 8, 1945 .

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