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no because of all the incocent azyecs

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Q: Were voyages a good thing
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What did sir francis drake plan to find?

interesting thing about sir francis drake voyages

What are the release dates for Star Trek New Voyages - 2004 The Holiest Thing 1-10?

Star Trek New Voyages - 2004 The Holiest Thing 1-10 was released on: USA: 14 February 2014

What are some important voyages made by Christopher Columbus?

There is important voyages made by him, because he did that with God's wisdom. It might happen that he think that he was using his man's ability but no there is no such as thing.

What did Bartholomew Dias find on his voyages?

he found the cape of storms ( the cape of good hope )

What has the author Andrew Fraknoi written?

Andrew Fraknoi has written: 'Voyages to the Stars and Galaxies (Voyages Through the Universe, Volume Two)' 'Voyages to the Planets, Media Update (with CD-ROM, Virtual Astronomy Labs, and AceAstronomy)' 'Redshift CD-ROM' 'Voyages Through the Universe/With 1998 Update' 'Voyages Through Universe' 'Voyages' 'Voyages through the universe' -- subject(s): Astronomy 'Voyages through the universe' -- subject(s): Astronomy 'Thomson Advantage Books' 'Voyages to the Planets (Voyages)' 'Voyages Through the Universe With Infotrac' 'Voyages Through Universe (Voyages)' 'Universe in the classroom' 'Disney Wonderful World of Space' 'Oht's T/A Franknoii Voyages Thru Universe'

What was Leif Erickson's voyages?

His voyages from Greenland to North America.

What does subsequent voyages mean?

It means later voyages, voyages after the one currently being considered or discussed.

How many voyages did Martin Frobisher have?

He had 3 voyages!

How many voyages did hudson have?

He had four voyages in total

What voyages did Giovanni da Verrazano have?

He had THREE voyages

What did John Cabot's wife have to do with his voyages?

She had nothing to do with his voyages.

What were sir walters voyages?

what were Sir Walter Voyages