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Alexander the great was the king of Macedonia.

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Yes, Alexander the great was the king of Macedon.

alexander was the great king of the city alexanderia

the great indian king who fought alexander the great was "PORUS"

Alexander the great was the king of russia.

alexander the great became king when his father died in 336 B.C.E

he was the king of mecadonia

Alexander became king when his father was assassinated.

Yes Alexander the Great was a king. After his father (Philip II of Macedon) was assassinated in 336BC, the throne went to Alexander.

Alexander The Great was the son of the Macedonian King; King PhilipII

Alexander was king of Macedonia as well as a great soldier who technically did not loose a war.

No. Even though Alexander the Great thought of himself as a Greek , he is truly King of Macedonia.

he was Alexander the third his successor was Alexander the forth. ... Alexander the fourth was the 13-year old son of Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great was a king of a part of ancient Greece.

Alexander the Great was never conquered while King

Alexander the Great was called the Great King because he had conquered the Persian Kingdom, and was the 'successor' of Darius III

Alexander the Great became a King of Macedonia at age of 20 when his father was assassinated in 336 AD.

Alexander the great did fight King Darius between 336 BCE to 330 BCE.

Alexander became king when he was 20 years old

Since his father died Alexander took over as king.

PHILLIP 2 was the father of Alexander the Great. Philip was the king of Macedonia.

King Alexander III of Macedon.

Alexander the Great, also known as Alexander III of Macedon, became king after the death of his father, King Philip II. One thing Alexander the Great was known for was his conquering most of the known world of his time.

Alexander the Great was NEVER called the king of Greece, nor was he ever known by that title. He was the King of Macedon, Hegemon of a united Greece, Great King of Persia, and Pharaoh of Egypt.

There is no such person. However there were three Kings of Scots called Alexander.

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