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You can not move unless you have parental permission or turn 18. The age of consent is 16 so you are allowed to give consent for sex if you move.

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How do you get a boyfriend in middel school?

youre too young for a boyfriend. wait until youre in high school. middle school guys are way to immature

What does it mean if you dream what if your boyfriend is breaking up with you?

youre obviously tired of him.... normally you dream what youre thinking about before you fall asleep.

How do you kiss your boyfriend when his friends are in the room?

just go up and kiss him youre a girl youre independent strong and alive make the most of it!

Good comebacks for youre gay?

Your double gay That's what your boyfriend said That's what I said to your boyfriend and he hit me with his purse

What to do if you want sex?

if you want sex but you don t have a boyfriend you should get one then have sex with them but if youre nerveous about it you should always wait until youre ready :)

When you meet your boyfriend will he tell you his name?

Youre supposed to know a guys name and hang out with him before you can call him your boyfriend or else it's fake

Whats a good sad song about a boyfriend moving away and the lonley you he leaves behind?

what hurts the most- Rascal Flatts Broken- Lindsey Haun (sorta) When youre gone - Avril lavigne* here without you- nickelback* far away- nickelback*

Lyrics for slipknot heretic anthem?

Im a pop star threat and Im not dead yet Got a super dred bet with an angel drug head Like a dead beat winner. I want to be a sinner An idolized bang for the industry killer. A hideous man that you don't understand Throw a suicide party and Im guaranteed to f***ing snap. Its evilsonic, its pornoholic. Breakdowns, obscenities, its all I wanna be. If youre 555 then Im 666. If youre 555 Im 666. If youre 555 then Im 666 (whats it like to be a heretic) If youre 555 Im 666. (whats it like to be a heretic) Everybodys so infatuated Everybodys so completely sure of what we are Everybody defamates from miles away But face to face, they havent got a thing to say I bleed for this and I bleed for you Still you look in my face like Im sombody new Toy - nobody wants anything Ive got Which if fine because youre made of Everything - Im - not! If youre 555 then Im 666. If youre 555 Im 666. If youre 555 then Im 666 (whats it like to be a heretic) If youre 555 Im 666. (whats it like to be a heretic) 30 seconds, 16, 8, 4, lemme tell you why I havent the slightest, Im teaching your brightest Theyre listening, clamoring All the money in the world cant buy me. Go ahead. lie to me. Tell me again how youre tortured I wanna know how you followed your orders so well Youre full of sh** You had a dream but this ain't it. If youre 555 then Im 666. If youre 555 Im 666. If youre 555 then Im 666 (whats it like to be a heretic) If youre 555 Im 666. (whats it like to be a heretic)

How do you know if your boyfriend is not gay?

Well if youre a girl and hes dating you, hes obviously not gay.

What is legal at age 18?

Pretty much anything that was legal when you were a minor. You can drive with other people in the car and youre not subject to a curfew. :)

What do i do when ex-boyfriend tries to make me jealous?

Just ignore youre ex ignore him, you should be glad you dumped that him. just ignore him girl dont pay attention to him, and if he keeps on doin dat same thing go up to him and tell him "whats your problem".

What would you do if you still love youre ex boyfriend?

I'm not really a fighter but I'll fight for what i love..

Should your boyfriend come to see you if youre sick?

i think so, that shows that they care for you even if you are sick

What to do if a girl has an obvious crush on your boyfriend?

keep her away from him, knock her out. or if youre freaky, invite her in for the threesome. lol

What are the safetiest way to be out in the streets with youre boyfriend?

You don't need to worry because he will protect you if he really loves you.

Why Kristen Stewart never confess she had boyfriend before twilight?

who Bella? She didn't haven't a boyfriend before Edward! If youre talking about Kirsten Stewart - I don't know

What do you say to a guy that asks you out but youre not ready for a boyfriend?

just tell him that your not quite ready for a boyfriend right now and when you feel more comfortable then maybe youll go out with him

What influences did Anne Hutchinson have on U.S.?

Anne was a puritain stupids! Bye the way , whats up with youre face nicholas oh yes i know youre name!! call me at 281 392 7843 oh ya

how long should I wait to tell my mom about my boyfriend?

You should tell her! She will probably have good advice. If youre worried - just wait until you and your boyfriend are more serious.

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