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What's causing a water leak at the engine fire wall rubber drain tube on a Chrysler PT Cruiser?

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The drain tube is suppose to leak water when the A/C is running, This is the condenser drain line. Nothing is wrong.

2006-08-11 13:34:03
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Q: What's causing a water leak at the engine fire wall rubber drain tube on a Chrysler PT Cruiser?
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It could be a bad motor mount or mounts. Motor mounts have rubber in them and go between the engine and the frame. Over time the rubber gets brittle and wears out, causing the engine to shake.

Where is the PCV valve located on a 1997 Chrysler Concorde?

if its a3.3 engine its located at the back of the planum, follow rubber vacuum hose comming out of the valve cover to the PVC on the planum

Are Chrysler Plenum Gaskets reusable?

The rubber O-ring style can be if not damaged.

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I believe it was in 1997; at least, that's when a rubber-mounted engine first appeared on the Sportster lineup.

How do you replace a thermostat in a 1993 land cruiser Is it upper or lower hose from radiator to water pump housing to the engine?

To Replace a thermostat on a 1993 Land Cruiser, first drain out the coolant, then follow the lower hose out of the radiator which leads into the engine, remove the rubber hose, unscrew the 3 bolts holding the triangle shaped housing which contains the thermostat inside. Pull the old thermostat & rubber gasket, put the new thermostat in with new gasket, make sure the spring side of the thermostat goes into the engine first and the pin faces up, and re-fill your coolant to capacity, you should be good to go. If you still over heat, its the radiator clogged up or a bad water pump. -Mike

Can a rubber mounted sportster engine be used on a rigid frame?

No, it cannot. Not a "standard" rigid frame that it. There are now several manufacturers that make rigid frames specifically for rubber mount sportsters, just do a web search. Be aware though that a rubber mounted sporty engine in a rigid frame is now a rigid. The benefits (if there were any) to having a rubber mounted engine no longer exist.

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How do you wire a 35hp Chrysler boat motor to make the water pump work?

You don't wire anything. the water pump is mechanical , consisting of a rubber impeller /impeller housing and copper tube running from the impeller housing to the engine block. The drive shaft runs from the gearcase through the impeller/impeller housing to the engine block allowing the intake of water to match the engine RPMs. if the water pump does not work it is most likely that the rubber fins broke off (extremely common for all outboards that are water cooled)

What three things are necessary for an engine to run?

oil metal and rubber

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At the front of the engine compartment , connected to the engine with ( 2 ) rubber hoses

Can you add rubber engine mounts on pre 2004 sportster?

the easy answer is no, - as the frame and the engine housing is completely different.

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At the front of the engine compartment , connected to the engine by ( 2 ) large rubber hoses

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1/2 socket and wrench and rubber mallet

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There is a rubber elbow on both ends of the metal pipe that connects to your PCV valve.

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