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What's the temperature in a fridge?

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The ideal refrigerator temperature range is 1°-4.5°C (34°-40°F) . Bacterial and mold growth are considerably slowed down at these temperatures, thus retarding food spoilage. Since water freezes at 0°C (32°F), this prevents fresh foods from freezing, although when the temperature is at the low end of the range, some areas in the refrigerator may be below the freezing point.

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What is the safe fridge temperature?

The recommended temperature for a fridge is 4oc and for a freezer it is -18oc

Does ice cream melt quicker in the fridge or at room temperature?

Room temperature, because the fridge is colder so the temperature difference between the freezer and the fridge is not that much compared to the difference between the freezer and room temperature. Hope I helped.

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What is the temperatureof a fridge?

the reccomended temperature of a fridge is 4-5 degrees, but it can vary

What temperature should fridge be set at in celsius?

4 degrees Celsius for the fridge.

Whats the shelf life of jam?

commercially produced jams have a shelf life of one year, unopened. Shorter if kept in a fridge and even shorter if kept at room temperature

What is the normal oven temperature for a fridge?

oven - fridge. make your mind up. A fridge should be under 5C oven - fridge. make your mind up. A fridge should be under 5C

What temperature should your fridge be in Fahrenheit?


What temperature should a fridge be at?


What is the correct working temperature of a fridge and freezer?

4 Degree - Fridge -18 Degree - Freezer

Does putting magnets on a fridge use more energy?

No. The doors of the fridge have insulation in them, and the magnetic force does not affect temperature inside the fridge whatsoever.

What is the average temperature of water in the fridge?

It would depend on the temperature that the refridgerator was set at.

What temperature should mozzarella cheese be stored in?

About 35 , average fridge temperature.

Maximum temperature of a fridge?

It is about 37 to 41°F

What is the best temperature to be kept in fridge?

2000 degreas

What is the use of a thermostat in a fridge?

To control and regulate the temperature.

Is the temperature constant or does it vary throughout the fridge?


What temperature should a fridge be?

Typically the temperature should be under 40 degrees F.

What is the temperature of a kitchen fridge?

The temperature is changeable... But, is factory set at above 32 degrees.

Why is temperature controlled in refrigerators?

simply to keep food fresh. If the fridge's temp is too high, food will warm to room temperature and go off faster. Too cold, then the food will freeze! Everytime you open the fridge door you are letting room temperature air inside, increasing the temperature of the air inside the fridge, therefore the fridge (if automatic) will measure the temperature and make the air to the right temperature.

Which kind of sensor could be used to control the temperature inside a fridge?

the sensor used to control the temperature inside a fridge is, thermocouple because, its more accurate than a thermistate.

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Is it safe to cook chicken that has been frozen then thawed at room temperature?

Don't cook it! You should have thawed it in the fridge! Next time, remember! Fridge! Thaw it in the fridge!

How long to melt ice cube in a fridge?

it will depend upon the size and shape of the ice cube and the internal temperature of the fridge