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Could be numerous things you need to be seen by a Dr. or nurse at a clinic or Hospital.

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Q: What's wrong if the day after sex you noticed your vagina was swollen and painful and now there are pimple-like bumps and your glands are swollen both in the pelvic area and your throat?
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Swollen and painful glands?

Glands that are swollen and painful typically signify an infection of some kind. Glands can also become swollen due to excess caffeine consumption. Either way, it is best to have a doctor evaluate the symptoms to find out the correct diagnosis.

What might it mean if you have swollen glands?

If the swollen glands can cause in the neck disease.

Is the phrase swollen glands refers to swelling of the sweat glands?

No, the phrase "swollen glands" does not refer to the swelling of the sweat glands. Swollen glands are the enlargement of the lymph nodes while the sweat glands are a part of the endocrine system.

How does the body respond to the mumps?

Painful and swollen glands in the cheeks, neck or under the jaw -- Fever -- Headache -- Abdominal pain -- Loss of appetite

Could chlamydia cause swollen glands if left untreated for years?

Chlamydia does not cause swollen glands.

What can we do with a dog's swollen anal glands?

Swollen and painful anal glands can be evacuated by your local vet on a regular basis (whenever they are causing the animal to "scoot" or when your dog strains with pain to defecate). Otherwise, anal glands can be surgically removed by your vet to prevent the problem happening again. This causes no long term side-effects.

Can swollen glands give you a tumor?

The usual reason for swollen glands is that the lymph system has deposited toxins from the bloodstream in the glands for disposal. Swollen glands are almost always an indicator of poor health elsewhere in the system, rather than a problem in themselves.

The phrase swollen glands refers to swelling of the sweat glands?


Swollen lymph glands are a symptom of what?


How do you shrink swollen glands?

By looking for skebtion.

What causes swollen glands?

Strep throat

What can cause a sore throat and swollen glands in neck without swollen tonsils?


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