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What are galen weston's life goals?

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The motto of Galen University is 'Foundation For Life'.

There are no characters named Nina and Galen in Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl. Nina and Galen appear in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition, Harvest Moon DS, and Harvest Moon DS Cute.

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The phone number of the Westons Antique Apple Foundation is: 262-679-2862.

many people have many goals in their life but some have many goals to help someone . goalof life means we we have a permanent goal in our life and have concentration on it only.butgoals in life have many goals in life for us for others .but it is the fact that many ofthem may not succeed.

Galen was blocking Sidious's lightning and when it connected Galen died and Sidious survived.

Galen Rowell's birth name is Galen Avery Rowell.

Galen Thompson's birth name is Thompson, Donald Galen.

Galen Fiss's birth name is Galen Toyce Fiss.

Galen Gering's birth name is Galen Laius Gering.

Galen Cisco's birth name is Galen Bernard Cisco.

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Galen was born about129AD, and died about 210AD.

Galen Porter was born in 1807.

Galen Spencer died in 1904.

Galen Spencer was born in 1840.

Yes Galen Is Gay And He Had Sex With Hipocrates.

Galen University was created in 2003.

Galen Clark was born in 1814.

Galen Clark died in 1910.

Louis Galen died in 2007.

Louis Galen was born in 1925.

Galen Pendleton is 5' 9".

Galen Everhart is 5' 4".