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Which term explains whether an object's velocity has increased or decreased over time

Which of these is a characteristic of nonmetals

What is the only factor needed to calculate change in velocity due to acceleration of gravity 9.8 ms

What term is used to describe splitting a large atomic nucleus into two smaller ones

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Q: What are some examples of neutron radiation?
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Which one is not a type of nuclear radiation.. Alpha particles Beta particle Neutron or Visible light?

All of them - alpha - beta - neutron - visible light - are examples of nuclear radiation.

What is the deadliest radiation?

neutron radiation.

Some neutron stars that emit pulses of radiation called?


What are examples of radiation?

X-rays (electromagnetic) and beta/alpha (particulate) are some examples of radiation.

What are some examples of harmful Radiation?


What are some examples of thermal radiation?

a microwave

What radiation is given off by a nuclear bomb?

prompt (at time of explosion) - neutron, gamma, x-ray, UV, visible, thermal (IR), some radio.delayed (fallout) - beta, gamma, some alpha.Types of radiation called "ionizing radiation" - alpha, beta, gamma, x-ray, neutron.

What are some examples of radiation giving off electromagnetic waves?

Electromagnetic waves ARE radiation.

Which type of radiation can cause the most damage to cells in the body?

neutron radiation

What are the names of 2 types of ionising radiation?

Gamma radiation, beta radiation, alpha radiation, x-ray, and neutron radiation.

What is the examples of radiation?

well, here are some examples of radiation: the sun, fire, popcorn, heat waves, Geothermal energy, and boiling eggs

What is neutron radiation?

In general, neutron radiation is radiation by neutrons. It is a form of particulate radiation (like alpha radiation, beta radiation or proton radiation), and it is sharply different from something like gamma radiation in that gamma rays are electromagnetic energy. We generally use the term "radiation" in the nuclear area to refer to particles or energy released as a result of changes in atomic nuclei, and it is generally dangerous to be exposed to any of these types of radiation. Neutron radiation is particularly dangerous as it is the most penetrating of the types of particulate radiation.

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