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Jackie Chan is not a spy except in some of his movies.

Jackie Chan does not do Karate, although he has had some training in it.

No Jackie Chan did not receive any training from Bruce Lee.

Jackie Chan dislikes people being late for work on a movie.

I think that the contribution Jackie Chan has made to American culture is most evident in the fact that his name has entered urban slang as either a verb or an adjective. To 'jackie chan' something is to do something awesome, and is usually used to describe some amazing action you accomplished that required quick reflexes, agility, creativity and style. Some examples: "Did you see me jackie chan that jump?" "I totally jackie chan-ned that move." "Just jackie chan it."

Jackie Chan has some hearing loss in his right ear from the accident in Armour of God, but he is not deaf.

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Some will say yes and some will say no. If you like Jackie Chan and Jet Li then give it a try.

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If you read "I am Jackie Chan" Jackie says that he was annoyed at the way he was treated by some talk shows.

Although Jackie Chan has expressed some of his personal opinions about political issues over the years he is not very political.

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Jackie Chan said some things against democracy. He is an enemy of democracy which made him many foes in the Western world.

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Catherine O'Hara has starred in many movies. Some of the movies she has starred in are Home Alone, Frankenweenie, and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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Some sites such as Hulu stream episodes of Jackie Chan Adventures. Make sure you are watching a legal stream.