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The primary function of rRNA is in protein synthesis โ€“ in binding to messenger RNA and transfer RNA to ensure that the codon sequence of the mRNA is translated accurately into amino acid sequence in proteins.

The function of rRNA is to serve as a location for protein synthesis. rRNA is the location in which mRNA and tRNA are able to come together to synthesize proteins.

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Q: What are the functions of rRNA?
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Related questions

Where does rRNA function?

rRNA functions in the ribosomes as a metabolic molecule that aids in protein synthesis.

What is the structure of rRNA?

The structure of rRNA is shaped like popcorn. It has two subunits: the large, dark red subunit (LSU), and the small dark blue subunit (SSU). rRNA perform critical functions in the ribosome that allow protein synthesis to occur.

What RNA molecule composes ribosomes and functions to physically move along an mRNA molecule?

ribosomal RNA, rRNA

Where does rRNA come from?

I believe that it comes from polymerase I, which localizes in the nucleolus, and synthesizes rRNA. The multiple eukaryotic RNA polymerasis apparently originated through duplication of primordial subunit genes, followed by evolution of specialized functions.

Does ribosomes contain rRNA?

Yes they contain rRNA. rRNA stands for ribosomal RNA.

Where is rRNA made?

rRna are made in the nucleolus

What does rRNA create?

rRNA and associated proteins creates ribosomes.

Where is rrna produced?

rRNA is produced in the nucleolus of eukaryotic cells.

What is rRNA's job?

The main function on the rRNA is to form ribosomes which will synthesis proteins. The rRNA refers to ribosomal RNA in the cells.

What is the r role of 23S rRNA of 50S RNA?

the 50S rRNA particle forms the large subunit of E. coli ribosomes while the 23S rRNA is a component of the 50S rRNA.

RRNA is always attached to the rough ER?

No . cytoplasm also contain rrna .

What is the function of the nucleolus in an animal cell?

The primary functions occuring in the nucleolus are rRNA (ribosomal RNA) processing and ribosome assembly as well as mRNA processing.

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