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Q: What are the key elements of constructivist theory?
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Use constructivist theory in a sentence?

He was a supporter of the constructivist theory.

Which theory places emphasis on the learner rather than instructor?

constructivist theory

What are the four approaches to studying language development?

normative approach behaviourist approach nature theory social constructivist theory

What is the difference between the cognitive constructivist theory and the information processing theory of development?

Without getting into a discussion of all the elements of these theories the short answer deals with how each views development. Cognitive constructivist theorist's such as Piaget, saw development occurring in stages. This is referred to as discontinuous development. Constructivist see a change in what children can do as they mature, and that this change is qualitative. Information processing theory sees development as continuous. They see the difference in the way a child responds to the world, and the way an adult responds, as a matter of amount or complexity. This theory says that infants, toddlers, children, and adults respond to the world much the same.

Is a collaborative school a formal social constructivist program that utilizes elements of the Jasper Project?

Schools for Thought is a formal social constructivist program that utilizes elements of the Jasper Project, fostering a community of learners, and Computer Supported International Learning Environments.

What are the strengths of Jean Piagets Theory?

The strength of Piaget's theory is in its experimental approach to a philosofical question; How does knowledge grow? His theory was developed considering a constructivist structuralism framework.

Are there elements in the theory that are untestable?

Are there elements in the theory that are untestable?

What is Vygotsky Social Constructivist Approach play in understanding cognitive development in earlyvelopment in early childhood?

Piaget's Cognitive Development Theory

What were the key elements to John Locke's social contract theory?

liberty, equality, freedom? forgot the third one :(

What are the key elements of Comparative Advantage?

Comparative Advantage is the idea that one person/business/or area can offer a product at a better price than another. The key elements would be the social and economic impact of this theory.

What are the Key elements of the scientific method?

key elements of scientific method

What are the key elements of DNA replication?

key elements of DNA structure

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