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Which part of the cell membrane prevents the cell from dissolving in water

What is it called when a molecule uses energy to move across a semipermeable membrane

Why is the phloem in a leaf important to the roots of a plant

What is the name for the protective structure that forms around an embryo

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Q: What are the organic wastes generally supplied to plants for their growth?
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How does cost of organic fertilizers available in the market affect the growth of plants?

Although organic fertilizers are costlier than chemical fertilizers, the growth of the plants with organic fertilizers is more harmonious.

What is organic substance rich in materials that plants need for growth?


Are non-organic or organic pesticides better?

The better type of pesticide is organic because it is natural and generally will harm plants less than chemical pesticides.

Whats is the part of the regolith that supports the growth of plants?

soil - is a combination of mineral and organic matter, water, and air-- that portion of the regolith that supports the growth of plants. (right from my text book)

How can a person cause bushy growth in plants?

By adding fertilizing substances such as plant organic matter to the all-important growth medium. Such organic materials [matter] add Humus to Soil and - 'the more the blacker'.

Are vitamins organic growth factors?

Vitamins would better be categorized as catalysts (to help chemical reactions in plants and animals). "Organic" has to do with whether it is carbon-based (at least in chemistry it does). Not sure what you mean by "Growth Factors"...

Is soil good for plant growth?

Good organic soil is best for most plants. But some plants prefer sand or rocky soil. Do some research to see what your plants prefer.

Is phosphorus an organic compound?

Phosphorus is a naturally occurring element, it's used by plants to speed up growth

Is plants organic?


Do the humans store energy similarly as the plants do?

Both plants and human store energy in the form of organic compounds. The storage in plants generally differs in the nature of organic compounds. It is released through cellular respiration in both cases..

What is the volatile oil?

Volatile oils are organic compounds extracted from plants, having generally an intense aroma.

Does volconic ash promote growth in plants?

Volcanic ash is devoid of organic matter hence plant growth is not promoted in it. When plant debries get mixed with it and micro-organisms in the presence of moisture breakdown the organic matter into minerals, plant growth may be promoted in that case.

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