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Q: What are the strategies that allow viruses to continue infecting host population?
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What is the purpose of viruses infecting cells?

what is the purpose of viruses infecting cells

What is a program to prevent computer viruses from infecting a computer?

which of the following is a program to prevent computer viruses from infecting a computer

How do you prevent computer viruses infecting your computer?


Can Viruses only reproduce by infecting a host cell?

Yes, viruses can reproduce only by infecting a host cell. This is because viruses are like parasites and cannot survive outside a host. They show metabolic activity only inside a host cell.

What do all viruses have in common?

they can only reproduce be infecting living cells.

What does translation inhibitory protein do?

TIP blocks viruses from infecting new cells

What is the weakest virus?

Well viruses differ widely from each other. Some are only capable of infecting animals, while others humans. I would have to say the weakest viruses are those that only affect humans. Inter-species viruses are typically stronger because immune systems have difficulty adapting to them. Also, the goal of a virus is not to kill the host, but to continue increasing and sustaining population, which it can not do if the host dies. So really, in that sense the weakest virus would be the most catastrophic to the human immune system.

Are all viruses harmful?

No. some viruses like the Bacteriophage ,instead of infecting us, infect the bacteria and devour it. This is a bacteriophage.

Why are viruses effective as vectors?

Viruses have proven to be highly effective as vectors since these are biological entities with a natural function of infecting host cells.

Apple notebook PC does not get affected by virus?

There are no viruses infecting Mac OS X.

Name five computer viruses?

There are countless computer viruses infecting machines all over the world. Some of the notable viruses are Chernobyl, Creeper, Elk Cloner, (c)Brain, and VLAD.

What makes bacteriophage different from other viruses?

A virus that parasitizes a bacterium by infecting it and reproducing inside it.

Particle of nucleic acid and protein that can reproduce only by infecting living cells?

virus or viruses

Paritcle of nucleic acid and protein that can reproduce only by infecting living cells?

These are called viruses.

What is virus that infects bacteria?

Specifically bacteria infecting viruses are known as bacteriophages.

Is there a way to keep viruses on computers but contained as a pet?

I'm sorry, but what? Why would you want to keep viruses as a "pet"? You mean to keep them and then use them against other people? Infecting people with viruses is illegal.

What computer program is used to prevent computer viruses from infecting a computer?

Many programs today have security features built-in which are designed to stop viruses from infecting your computer. The main program that does this though is called an anti-virus program. This type of program removes viruses from your computer and sometimes attempts to stop viruses from being installed or even downloaded. There are many free programs of this type, such as AVG or Microsoft Security Essentials.

Can you run viruses under controlled environment?

It depends on what OS you use and what Virus you are infecting a file or computer with.

Does a virus reproudce by splitting in two?

No it does not. It reproduces by infecting/controlling a body cell and commands it to produce viruses.

Can a virus reproduce?

Viruses can reproduce IF they are infecting a host cell. Viruses themselves do not have the equipment necessary to reproduce on their own, so without the host, they cannot reproduce.

What two ways does your body keep viruses from infecting you?

One of the ways that the body keeps the virus from infecting you is through the antibodies and immune cells that begin the immune action. The other way is through special protein of the mucosa membrane or the respiratory tract secretion that retains certain viruses. Fever is another protective factor as viruses cannot multiply at high temperature. Consult a doctor for more information.

What are two reasons viruses are not considered living things?

Some argue that viruses are not living organisms because they can only replicate themselves by infecting a host cell and therefore cannot reproduce on their own. And also viruses do not metabolize on their own.

Do Viruses contain DNA and RNA?

All viruses have genes made from either DNA or RNA but they themselves don't have DNA. (Viruses use tRNA or mRNA or DNA as a tool for infecting host cells, but they they do not use either for their own internal bio-mechanics)

What particles reproduce that are made up of nucleic acids proteins and sometimes lipids only infecting living cells?


Does frostwire have viruses?

The program dosen't leave viruses, the people uploading music are the ones infecting your computer. You're basically getting free music from total strangers, and they probably have infected it with a virus.