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Q: What common problem did farmers of the 1890s face?
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Related questions

What common problem did farmers of the 1890s and farmers of the 1920s face?

During the years of the 1890's through the 1920's, farmers faced one major problem. Competitors began farming, and over production caused falling prices.

What common problems did farmers of the 1890s and farmers of the 1920s face?

In both periods of time, farmers encountered a lot of problems regarding pests and parasites. They also had to put up with a rise in unknown crop diseases.

What problem farmers face in the Bahamas?


What are the problem farmers face and get some solution?

One major problem that farmers face is the harsh weather condition. Droughts and excessive rainfall can ruin crops causing the farmers to make less income. There is not a set solution for this problem since the weather cannot be controlled.

What problems do peasant farmers face?

problems faced by peasant farmers in the Caribbean,of the problem transportation,road,storage problem,soil erosion and flooding.

What problem did farmers face in the 1880s?

Losing their farms because of unpaid debts

What new problem did farmers face in the late 1800?

the armstead act

What was the problem farmers face in regards to their currency?

farmers were paid paper money and they got treated like the british parliament. many farmers had fought the british.

What problem did farmers face in the 1800?

Drought, soil erosion and competition from cattle ranchers.

Did farmers from the Middle East face the problem of too much or too little rain?

too little

What dangers did farmers face in 1880?

Farmers faced losing their land and becomiing tenant farmers,

What problem do farmer today face in the Bahamas?

Poor transportation to market,uneven distribution, poor attitude toward farmers, lack of soil.

What problems did Egyptian farmers face?

similar problems farmers face today- mainly irrigation and dealing with crop destroying pests

What problems bahamian farmers face?

they face lack of irrigation

What common problem did people in the American Southwest and the Norse of Greenland both face?

Isolation from other civilizations

Which disorder is common in aging men?

Cardiovascular disease is one problem some aging men face.

What challenges did farmers face in Ancient Rome?

The farmers didn't face much challenges because they mostly used slaves to work on their farms.

What problems did farmers face constitution?

the problem they have is no transportation,roads, storage, and flooding. some animals may eat the crops of wheat so that rice cannot be grown

What problem did farmers of the Great Plains have to face during the Great Depression?

Drought, which also led to the dust bowl, covering much of Oklahoma, North Texas,Kansas and Nebrasks

What problems did populist farmers face?

Populist farmers faced overproduction so prices decreased.

What danger did farmers face in the 1880's?

Farmers faced loosing their land because of hardships in paying their loans.

What problems did farmers face in the 1880s?

the Irish potato famine

What hardships did farmers face in the late 1800s?

Some of the hardships that farmers had to face were railroads charging excessive prices for farmers in the West to ship/store crops than those in the East, the price of crops was decreasing, and farmers had to mortgage their land to buy more property, which the banks would foreclose. Does this help?

What problem do susan b anothony face?

the problem she face is to fight for the women rights

What some problems farmers face in the Bahamas?

Some of the problems farmers face today are: insects, floods, labor cost, lack of fertile soil, poor transportation and poor marketing.