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What is the effect of exercise on your flexibility

What is the fibrous connective tissue that holds bones in a joint together

What type of muscle straightens a joint

What type of disease is cystic fibrosis

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Q: What do you think about the agri-food industry and the health care system?
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Why are entry-level health care job just as important to consider as other jobs in the health care system?

A. Each job in the health care industry requires that you work your way up. B. Each job in the health care system serves a vital role in providing quality patient care. C. Each job in the health care industry receives excellent benefits. D. Each job in the health care industry pays about the same.

What does srs mean on Mitsubishi space-star?

i think it is supplimental restraint system ...I also think it is industry standard

How do education and health services support a country's development?

Citizens who can read, calculate, and think critically have better economic opportunities than those who are not literate. The health care industry, or medical industry provides an enormous part of a country's economy.

Does South Africa have a bad health care system?

This question cannot be answered definitely. If it were to be answered, then it would be an opinion. Personally, I don't think that the health care system there is even existent.

Is it possible to have a dust explosion in a hotel air condition ducting system?

it is but i think its against health laws

What it a sentence with the word industry in it?

i think this is right---- a industry is cool

Why are pharmaceutical companies allowed to give gifts to doctors and hospitals?

Because the health care industry, Doctors ect are more corrupt than people think

Which country has the best health system in the world?

i think Europe and Canada, that's just my guess France and Belgium

What are the different health examinations administered to each student before they enter the school system?

It really Depends on what school System they go to so I think you should contact you local school system.

What is London's main industry?

Well I think its London's cothesWell I think its London's cotheschemicalfood processingelectronicscable manufactureaircraftshipbuildingvehicle manufactureLondon has several industries such as the insurance and digital industry. The main industry in London is the technology industry.

How does your health and fitness affect your skeletal system?

After looking at the skeletal system in detail, I think that in relation to health and fitness this system is very important. One of this systems role being in to store minerals, this is a very important role in relevant to health and fitness as minerals help the body to work and also make bones stronger, and this creates the ability to do more.

What is the root word for industry?

I think industry its self is a root word :D

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