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Q: What effect does acid level of a lake on the fishes living there?
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Acid rain what effect does this have on living things?

acid rain kills everything thats living practially

How does acid rain effect non-living things?

it can hurt unicorns

How does acid rain effect living things?

By burning holes in your skin.

What one of the following statements about sulfuric acid is correct sulfuric acid has little effect on metals sulfuric acid is dangerous to living organisms sulfuric acid is a strong oxidizing agent?

dangerous to living organisms

What has the author William J Pegg written?

William J. Pegg has written: 'Physiological effects of sublethal levels of acid water on fish' -- subject(s): Acid mine drainage, Acids, Ecophysiology, Effect of water pollution on, Fishes, Physiological effect

Which Abiotic Factors Effect Animals?

Abiotic factors are non-living things that effect living things. Factors like acid rain, earthquakes, fires, hurricanes and even gases can effect animals.

How can acid rain effect living organisms?

it can affect living things by poisioing the living things in the world because of the toxic gas vanessa xx

What Affect Does Acid Rain Have On Fishes?

Acid rain effects Fishes because when the (acid)rain falls in the pond or the lake, the acid collects in the water becoming stronger and stronger until the fish can't live any longer.

What effect does acid rain have?

Burns your skin. Kills plants.The biggest effect of acid rain is on lakes and streams. It makes the water in them acidic. Fishes are not able to survive in this acidic water. This causes damage to trees. Acid rain also accelerates the decay of building materials and paint. The pollutants generated by acid rain also harm the human health.

Does acid rain impact all rocks the same?

No, it does not effect all rocks the same. It depends on the type of rock and the acid level in the rain.

What is the effect of CaCO3 on acids' pH level?

CaCO3 is a base. It will neutralize acid and hence the pH of acid increases (tends to reach neutral pH)

What can acid rain do to living and non living parts of the environment?

yes well acid rain is when rain absorbs kinds of pollutants so it can pretty much harm living and nonliving parts of the ecosystem so if the polluted water gets evaporated it can rain and soil absorbs it and it falls into lakes so the fishes and flowers can be harmed.

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