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Q: What element refers to the events in the story?
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Related questions

What literary element refers to the events of a story?

plot refers to the events

Which plot element refers to previous events and leads to the story's ending?


Which element of fiction refers to the sequence of events that make up a story?

Hey, Do you know who knows all this stuff, Its called your text book. You should really use it! :D

What plot element refers to previous events and leads to the storys ending?

fallen action

What is the difference between plot and premise?

The plot refers to the specific events that occur within a story. The premise of a story refers only to the general idea that the story is supposed to convey or to the idea that inspired the story.

Which element of a story gives information about its series of events?


What can a secondary series of events in a story be identified as?

A secondary series of events in a story can be identified as a sub-plot. This refers to a plot that is secondary in comparison to the main, overarching plot.

What is a story line?

A storyline refers to what you would have if you placed all events in a story in one line in chronological order. Almost like a timeline. People use the term storyline to refer to the over all progression of events in a story.

What is ment by setting in any film play novel or story?

The term setting in a film, play, novel or story, refers to where the events of the story take place. When describing a story and picking out the elements such as who, what, where, and when, the setting will refer to the where.

Which element in the radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds helped establish logos with the audience?

Information from actors pretending to be scientists about the events in the story

The atomic number of an element refers to?

The atomic number of an element refers to the number of protons in each atom of the element.

What literary term refers to a series of events related to the action of a story?

The plot

What are the 8 Hebrew events?

There is nothing in Judaism that refers to 8 Hebrew events.There is nothing in Judaism that refers to 8 Hebrew events.

What is primary action in literature?

The term primary action in literature refers to the main events that happen in the story. It is the part that has the climax and all of the important things that are most relevant to the progression of the story.

What are the 6 story elements?

The basic elements of a short story are:1. Setting: The first important element of a short story is the Setting. The setting refers to the time and place that the event(s) in the story take place.2. Conflict: The conflict or complication refers to the tension, the fight or the struggle between the various characters or forces in the story. It actually is what gives fuel to the story and influences its flow (i.e. its plot). Without the conflict, then you have no story. It's that important!3. Character: The character element is the person or people in a story. Sometimes the characters are not human, but may be animals or spirits. Incidentally, even when non-human characters are used, they tend to have human characteristics. Characters are usually of two types: the protagonist and the antagonist.The protagonist is the main character. He or she is in conflict with another character, who is known as the antagonist. An example of a protagonist and an antagonist are Superman, the protagonist, and Lex Luthor, the antagonist.4. Theme: This element refers to the topic that the writer writes or comments on in his or her writing. The theme is the motif of the story, that is, it permeates the whole story and recurs throughout the narrative. An example of a theme is the topic of "bravery" in Harry Potter.5. Plot: The plot refers to the flow of events in the story. Essentially, the plot refers to what is happening in the story.6. Climax: The climax is the most exciting part of a story. It refers to when the conflict is about to or is getting resolved.7. Dialogue: Not all stories have dialogue, but it is an important element of most of them. Dialogue is a conversation between the characters. Generally, stories will be primarily composed of narrative, and will have dialogue interspersed within the narrative (For example: Sally had always loved Bill. She looked at him and smiled, "Hi Bill." "Hi Sally," he replied.). The first two lines are narrative, and the part within quotations is dialogue.Aristotle says the six elements are plot, character, thought, diction, song, and spectacle.

Which of these is the best example of fragmentation?

a story that starts with the climaxA story that begins after the resolution

Element refers to atoms that have the same number of?

Element refers to atoms that have the same number of Protons.

What makes a story fantasy?

A story that incorporates an element of magic, supernatural or events that are not realistic phenomena would be considered part of the fantasy genre. The first story ever written, The Epic of Gilgamesh, falls into this category.

What are the events in a story?

The events in a story are called the plot.

What is the etymology of the word ''history''?

"History" comes from the Ancient Greek "istoria", which refers to a narrative or accounting of past events. the argument that it is a blending of "his" and "story" is fictitious.

What is the events of the story of the cricket boy?

events of the story the cricket boy

What is a story that involves dangerous or daring events?

what is a story that involves dangerous or daring events

What is an element-?

The word element refers to an essential characteristic of something.

What is the chronology of events in a story?

sequence of events...

What is the deference between an atom and an element?

An element refers to a type of atom, while atom refers to the specific one.Element can refer to many atoms, atom refers to the single particle.