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Q: What is a grouping of people together by factors such as genetic characteristics , geographic ancestry & appearance?
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What is grouping objects according to common characteristics?

what is grouping objects according to a common characteristics?

What Is the process of grouping together items that have similar characteristics?

Classification is the process of grouping together items that have similar characteristics.

What are some things to consider when grouping hosts on a network?

Geographic location Purpose Ownership

What are the key factors to consider when grouping host in to a common network?

Purpose . Geographic location . Ownership

Where is Flo in the Progressive ad in National Geographic Magazine?

At top of left-hand page with penguin grouping

What is a phylogenetic classification system that uses shared derived characters and ancestry as the sole criterion for grouping taxa?

"Cladistics", or is it the bagel?

Why classify?

Classification is the process of grouping different organisms according to their natural characteristics

What is the social studies definition of region?

Grouping places with similar characteristics together.

In science what is the word for Grouping living things according to similar characteristics?

I know that this is classification.

Taxonomy is defined as the science of?

Grouping organisms according to theri characteristics and evolutionary history :)

Grouping means creating groups of records that share some common characteristics?


You study government by grouping them according to characteristic they have in common why is this a problem?

there are many possible sets of characteristics

What does classiflying means in science?

Classifying is grouping or setting object or events a sading to similar characteristics.

Who Grouping together events ideas and objects that share similar characteristics?

concept formation apex

A loose grouping of a few thousand stars is called?

A loose grouping of a few thousand stars is called a cluster. The stars in a cluster have similar characteristics, which means that they have a common origin.

What is a grouping of stars that have a loose and disorganized appearance and contains no more than a few thousand stars?

Open Cluster

Deciding the basis for grouping governments for study is a problem because?

The answer is there are many possible sets of characteristics by which the governments can be grouped.

The most similar organisms belong to which level?

i can't answer it

What do you call grouping items together based on certain characteristics?

There are two answers to this question.1. categorizing or2.classification

What makes physical characteristics an inadequate basis for grouping members of a species?

Convergent evolution, where similar structures evolve independantly in distanlty related organisms, or even variability within a species (group of organisms that are genetically similar enough to eachother to have fertile offspring) can make grouping based on physical characteristics problematic.

Mendeleev's contribution to atomic theory?

Mendeleeve formulated the Table of the Elements by listing them by their atomic weight and grouping them into 'families', with similar characteristics.

What is the method used to construct a hypothetical evolutionary tree?

Observing trends in physical characteristics and grouping them in a way that demonstrates gradual change.

Is logical grouping of information?

--------------- is logical grouping of information

Grouping and marshalling in balance sheet?

grouping and marshalling in balance sheet grouping and marshalling in balance sheet

What are the geographic numbers for various exchnages in south africa. I am looking to identify suburbs by the geographic number in a phone number?

There are two sources of postal codes for South Africa: Search on or get a grouping of postal codes for the different regions at