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Q: What is conserved parameter in any collision?
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The collision between two helium atoms is perfectly elastic so that momentum is conserved?

Momentum is always conserved in any type of collision. Energy conservation, however, is dependant on elasticity. In a perfectly elastic collision all energy is conserved.

What is elastic collision and inelastic collision?

An elastic collision is one in which momentum and kinetic energy are conserved. An inelastic collision is one in which momentum and total energy is conserved. K.E is not conserved. It is loss in heating effects between the bodies.

Is momentum conserved in a perfectly inelastic collision?

Momentum is always conserved, whether the collision is elastic or inelastic.What is NOT conserved in an inelastic collision is kinetic energy - though total energy is also conserved.

What is meant by elastic Collision?

An elastic collision is a collision in which the total kinetic energy of a system is conserved.

Is momentum conserved in inelastic collision?

Yes. Momentum is ALWAYS conserved. Total energy is also always conserved, but in the case of collisions, that doesn't help much for calculations. What is not conserved in an inelastic collision is total mechanical energy.

When momentum can be conserved?

Momentum is always conserved. No matter what the collision, as long as you look at everything involved, momentum will always be conserved.

Kind of kinetic energy that is always conserved during a collision?

Kinetic energy is only conserved if the collision is elastic. All other collisions will have some loss of kinetic energy even when momentum is conserved.

Name a process in which momentum is conserved but kinetic energy is not conserved?

it occurs in case of inelastic collision

What type of collision is momentum conserved?

I elastic collisions

When is the momentum of a system conserved?

during elastic collision

What quantity is conserved during an inelastic collision?


In a two body collision?

Momentum is always conserved

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