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Q: What is friars plan to help Juliet avoid marrying Paris?
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What does Juliet say she would do to avoid marrying Paris?

She Dies To Keep From Marrying Paris

What does juliet say she will do if she cannot find a way to avoid marrying paris?

Kill herself.

Who is visiting friars cell when Juliet arrives?

In Act IV Juliet arrives to ask the Friar how to avoid her marriage to Paris, and there, most embarrassingly, is her fiance himself.

What does Juliet ask from them romeo and Juliet act 4?

Juliet asks the Friar to help her avoid marrying Paris and be with Romeo. To accomplish this he gives her the poison that will feign death.

Why Does Romeo drinks the poison and dies by Juliet's side?

Romeo thinks that Juliet is dead when she is actually in a deep sleep because of the potion Friar Laurence gave her to avoid marrying the county Paris.

What did Friar Laurence give Juliet when she went desperately to his cell?

He gives her the Sleeping Potion to simulate death, so that she can avoid marrying Paris and committing bigamy.

Why did Romeo drink the poison?

Romeo thinks that Juliet is dead when she is actually in a deep sleep because of the potion Friar Laurence gave her to avoid marrying the county Paris.

In act four Juliet's major goal is to?

In the first three scenes of Act Four, Juliet's major goal is to avoid marrying Paris. For the remainder of Act Four she is unconscious. In that state she doesn't have much of a goal at all.

Why does Juliet go to Friar Laurences cell?

She goes twice--the first time to marry Romeo, and the second time desperately trying to find a way to avoid marrying Paris.

What solution does Friar Laurence propose to help Juliet avoid marrying Paris?

Friar Lawrence gives Juliet a potion which he made from the extract of plants. The plant gives the illusion that Juliet is dead, but she only appears that way. The potion slows her breathing drastically, and she is as still as death can be.

Who advises Juliet to fake her death to avoid her marriage to Paris?

Friar Laurence.

What is the subtext in act IV in romeo and Juliet?

Act 4.1 (Paris) In this seen Paris is clueless as to what is truly going on. For example, when Juliet said that her face is not her own, Paris may have thought that her face is now his because they are getting married in a few days, but in reality she meant that her face belongs to Romeo. When Paris says that Juliet weeps for Tybalt's death he does not realize that although she is sad she is weeping for the banishment of Romeo. Overall, throughout this scene Paris is making the false connection that everything Juliet says is directed towards him out of love when in fact she is plotting to not marry Paris and does not love him, for she loves Romeo. Act 4.2 (Juliet) When Juliet told Capulet that she repented sin and learned from the Lawrence's cell, he thought that she learned to listen and follow her father's directions. What Juliet actually meant was that she learned how to avoid marrying Paris. Also, when Juliet said that she met a youthful lord in Lawrence's cell, she said it as if she meant Paris for the "youthful lord" but she actually meant Friar Lawrence as the "youthful lord" because Friar Lawrence was the one who told Juliet how to escape from marrying Paris.

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