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Q: What is the enzyme complex that depends on hydrogen ions in order to make ATP molecules?
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What enzyme strips hydrogen atoms from organic molecules?


Enzyme that strips hydrogen atoms from organic molecules?


What causes an enzyme-substrate complex?

An enzyme-substrate complex may be caused by the interaction of the molecules of protein and protease. The enzyme-substrate complex is a theory proposed in 1888 by the Swedish chemist, Savante Arrhenius.

What three molecules or group of atoms combine to form an ATP molecule?

Hydrogen and enzyme

Mix hydrogen peroxide and liver?

The enzyme in the liver (catalase) decomposes the hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) into water and oxygen molecules.

Substrate molecules bind to enzymes where?

Enzymes are catalysts and substrates are molecules upon which the enzymes act. Substrates bind to enzymes at the enzyme's active site. An enzyme-substrate complex is then formed.

What happens to water molecules as a result of the actions of the photosystem II enzyme?

They are split into oxygen and hydrogen.

In order to replicate where do DNA molecules separate?

At the hydrogen bonds between bases with the help of the enzyme helicase.

What enzyme can convert 40 million molecules of hydrogen peroxide to harmless water and oxygen every second?


Where does an enzyme substrate complex happen?

Briefly explain enzyme substrate complex

What is an enzyme product complex?

The temporary complex formed after an enzyme acts on its substrate.

Is hydrochloric acid an enzyme?

No, HCl is a simple molecule while enzymes are complex organic molecules generally proteinic nature.

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