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what do you undersand

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Q: What is the function of 24 wall plate?
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24'stud wall they want to place the studs 24 apart on center how many studs will they need?

If there are no windows, doors or partitions in the wall and no corner walls on the end you will need 13 studs, 24 feet of bottom plate and 48 feet of top plate.

What sizes and types of TVs does this wall mount hold?

This wall mount holds flat panel screens sized 24" to 37". It includes the wall plate and mounting rails.

What is the function cladding in frame wall construction?

function of frame wall

Where can one go to purchase a wall plate hanger?

One can purchase a wall plate hanger at a home decorating store. A wall plate hanger can also be found at a store that has a section for home decorations.

How many studs in a wall that is 32' long 16 on center?

there would be 24 studs, but this does not include the bottom plate, top plate(s) or the necessary tie-in at the corners of the wall It's actually 25 studs, you need to add one for the end. This is providing you have no partitions, windows or doors in wall. And as mentioned above if you are going to tie-in to another wall or two you will need extra studs. You will also need 96' of plate material.

Need plate to hang inside wall light?

Plate or bracket

What is a plaque?

An engraved metal or enamel plate which is affixed to a wall. Sometimes the plate is affixed to a wooden background which is affixed to the wall.

What is the function of underliner plate?

it is the plate under the plate (kea nga UNDER plate!!!) hahaha

What is the nucleoplasm function?

It is a function in the cell wall

What is the function of the epiphyseal plate in the long bone of a child?

what is the function of the epiphyseal plate in a long bone of a child?

Is a cell plate and cell wall the same thing?

no the cell plate is made of golgi bodies and the cell wall is made of bricks

What is the function of th cell wall?

The function of the cell wall is to protect the cell from foreign objects =]

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