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Q: What is the percentage by mass of oxygen in sugar of carbon of hydrogen?
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Related questions

What percentage of calcium is in sugar?

There is no calcium in sugar. It contains only carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

What does hydrogen and oxygen and carbon make?

hydrogen, oxygen and carbon make sugar.

How are sugar and baking soda alike?

They both have hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon in them.

What is carbon free sugar?

Sugar is composed carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. So a carbon free sugar would be hydrogen and oxygen, which makes hydronium, hydroxide and water

What Atoms are in Sugar?

Carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen are the atoms in sugar

How many elements in table sugar?

Sugar contain hydrogen, carbon and oxygen.

What are the 3 elements that make up sugar?

Sugar (sucrose) = C6H12O6, so the 3 elements are carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

What are the constituent element of sugar?

Carbon,Hydrogen and Oxygen

Where does the stuff come from that plants use to make sugar from?

Sugar (C12H22O11) is composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. These carbon comes from carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air and hydrogen (H2) and oxygen O2) from water. The energy for the converssion comes from sunlight.Sugar (C12H22O11) is composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. These carbon comes from carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air and hydrogen (H2) and oxygen O2) from water. The energy for the converssion comes from sunlight.

Why decomposition of carbon and hydrogen in sugar cannot be used to determine presence of oxygen in organic compound?

When sugar is burned in oxygen, the content of carbon and hydrogen can be calculated from the generated carbon dioxide and water, and the oxygen element in the two comes from sugar and oxygen, so it cannot be measured.

Which element is present in both water and sugar?

Water contains hydrogen and oxygen. Sugar contains carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

What are the three elements in sugar?

The three elements in sugar are carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

Elements in sugar?

Carbon Hydrogen and Oxygen

What elements does sugar have in it?

Carbon and oxygen and hydrogen

What are the chemical in sugar?

Carbon , hydrogen and oxygen

Which CHNOPS elements are contained in sugar?

carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

What has hydrogen oxygen and carbon in them?

sugar (glucose) does C6H12O6 6 carbon molecules 12 hydrogen molecules and 6 oxygen molecules!

What is the percent by mass of oxygen and carbon and hydrogen in sugar?

- oxygen: 51,43 %- carbon: 42,09 %- hydrogen: 6,48 %

What elements are nucleic acids made of?

Nucleic acids consist of a phosphate group, a sugar group and a nitrogenous base. The phosphate contains phosphorus and oxygen, the sugar group has carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, and the base has carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen.

What three elements make up sugar?

Hydrogen, carbon and oxygen are the three elements that make up sugar. There are 22 atoms of hydrogen, 12 atoms of carbon and 11 atoms of oxygen in sugar.

What elements does sugar contain?

Sugar is made of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen

What it sugar made of?

Sugar is made from carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms.

Is there calcium in sugar?

No. Sugar is composed entirely of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

What elements make up sugar?

Carbon, hydrogen and oxygencarbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. it is called glucose, fructose, saccharose, lactose, ....

How many atoms of hydrogen and oxygen for sugar and vinegar?

12 carbon 4 hydrogen and 2 oxygen