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Q: What is the purpose of torturing a patient in the eye before diagnosis?
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What is the purpose of preparing for surgery?

Preparing for surgery helps the patient understand what to expect before surgery and ensures the patient is physically and psychologically ready for the surgery.

A elderly patient is diagnosed with stiffness of the joints which is known as?

In an elderly patient it is more likely to be osteoarthritis as Rheumatoid arthritisusually becomes obvious long before the patient becomes elderly. it must be kept in mind however that a proper diagnosis depends on more info then is given in this question.

What does it mean when you are having a brown vaginal discharge?

If the patient has never experienced this symptom before, it should not be treated with over the counter medications. A proper diagnosis from a physician or other qualified healthcare provider is required. On online diagnosis is impossible. Based on the diagnosis, OTC therapy may or may not be appropriate if the symptoms return in the future.

How fast does prostate cancer advance?

Every case is different depending on the patient. But it normally takes several years before it causes death. My father died 7 years after his diagnosis.

What questions should you ask before accepting a diagnosis of chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is not a diagnosis. Chemotherapy is a treatment

Is every patient tested for HIV before surgery?

No, not every patient is tested for HIV before surgery.

What is the purpose of neuromuscular blockers?

In surgery, they are used to prepare patients for intubation before being placed on a ventilator and to suppress the patient's spontaneous breathing once on a ventilator.

How do you get rid of mite off a dog?

Take your dog to the veterinarian and have the diagnosis confirmed before treatment. Even doctors need a proper diagnosis before deciding on proper treatment.

Of what information is a patient apprised before enhanced external counterpulsation?

the nature and purpose of the diagnostic procedure or treatment; the risks and benefits of the procedure; and alternatives, including the option of not proceeding

Meaning for naive patient?

When a patient has been administered by a drug he/she has never taken before, he/she is called a naive patient.

Why are patients treated for typhus before an official diagnosis?

Many tests require a fair amount of time for processing, so practitioners will frequently begin treatment without completing tests, simply on the basis of a patient's symptoms.

What is the nursing diagnosis for acute abdominal pain?

The cause of the pain has to be determined before a diagnosis could be made. This would be determined by a doctor.

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